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Malouda | Chelsea a no brainer


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Lucky he was'nt here a few years ago then. God knows what he would have made of the portacabins at Harlington.

Far to much to say for my liking. Its about time he let is feet do some talking on the pitch, he has'nt shown me anything yet.

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So that's now no less than three French internationals who have very recently publicly proclaimed their unhappiness with the situation at Stamford Bridge, two of whom have already ended up at the new library. To quote Ian Fleming;

Once is happenstance

Twice coincidence

Three times is enemy action.

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Malouda denies the story

http://www.sportinglife.com/football/ne ... tlead.html

Chelsea winger Florent Malouda has dismissed suggestions he is unhappy at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking exclusively to Chelsea TV, Malouda emphasised how inaccurate Monday's media reports had been about his time at the club.

Malouda joined Chelsea in the summer from Lyon and insists he is very happy in London.

Malouda said: "I just want the fans to know that what I saw in the paper this morning is exactly the contrary to what I said to the French paper and the French people.

"One thing I tried to speak about is that I achieved a good adaptation in my new club, and I was speaking about London life.

"My family and kids are very happy here, and when I saw that this morning I was very disappointed.

"I have nothing more to add or to say about this, this is not true, and I just want the Chelsea fans to know that I really enjoy my new life."

The 27-year-old, who is currently nursing a knee injury, added: "The way they did it was not fair. I don't know why they tried to make me appear like somebody who is not happy here.

"I repeat I chose to come here, and everybody here is happy with what I've done."

Malouda was reported to have branded English football "brainless", describing training sessions as "terrifying" and saying: "People play by instinct, spontaneously, in the way they did when they first discovered football."

Meanwhile, Michael Ballack took another step on the road to a first team comeback by playing 80 minutes in a reserve win over Southend at Cobham.

Ballack has been out of action with ankle problems since April - undergoing two operations

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I struggle to see the big deal here..............

All his saying is that training is very competitive at Chelsea and that perhaps we need to take a closer look at the clubs diet regime, whoop-di-doooooo.

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Well, for one:

"It is a good job I have come over here at the age of 27 and so haven't been following the same diet as the rest of the club's players"

It depends how you see it Qaz, I see it as slating our club's training/diet whatever ethic and the quality of players we'll produce because of it. You can call it over-sensitive or reading too much into things... but thats me.

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Well speaking entirely hypothetically if Malouda did feel that way he should take it up internally, not witha newspaper or a magazine. Taking it up with a newspaper or magazine isn't ballsy, it is idiocy (or, as my Thesaurus calls it, Drogbacy).

However as Malouda appears to have come out with a blatant denial and as I have his word against yet another bottom line watching gloosy magazine I think I know which line I will be assuming is accurate.

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Maybe our club's training/diet whatever ethic needs adjustment and Malouda is the only one with the balls to point it out and get the club to do something about it......................

That may be, especially as the fittness of our players is poor. I mean, look at Lampard, 63 games last season? The slacker. Not to mention other players who get through 50+ and never stop running... Drogba, J.Cole, Essien... But hey, that must be fluke and nowt down to our training regime.............................................

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