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FA 'makes approach' for Mourinho

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According to the jouro on NOTW who interviewed him on the Friday he was as good as going to take the job.

By Saturday he had received a call from a source very close to Mourinho saying that he had slept on it and decided to say no.

Principally because he is worried what the Portuguese nation would think if he defected and also he would miss the day to day management.

He had also received a job offer from Milan for next year and he thinks he will accept that rather than take the England job although he thought it would be a real challenge.

Pity, I think he would have been great at the job but I can understand why he had second thoughts, he's wants day to day hands on management at this stage of his career, the idea of not seeing players for months on end doesn't seem right for him.

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what a shock, he has now officially said no...all those stupid campaigns by the press wanting jose and it was so obvious he was using it to sort out his next club job at ac milan or barca...have no problem with jose at all...he said many times he'd only be an international coach when he's 60 and that it would be portugal...why would england tempt him to change his mind? Now the numbskulls will have a go at jose for snubbing us, what loyalty does he owe to england, especially with all the crap written about him when he was in charge of chelsea

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Personally I am glad Jose has pulled out of the job as I think that at this particular time Capello is the better choice of the two. Capello is nearing the end of his career and less likely to miss the day to day running of a club and is therefore more likely to stay in the post for a reasonable period of time.

Also the English press would be dying to tear Jose apart and he would be targetted as soon as the slightest thing went wrong.

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Capello isn't going to play "sexy football" and very soon the press will be slamming his ways, even though he'll be winning games. Plus he' the last person on the planet that's willing to do this job.

Anyone who hires Capello and expects "sexy football" needs to get their head checked.

With that said the FA will hire him and ask him to copy Brazil. icon_rolleyes.gif

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