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Harry's run-in with Villa fans


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Doesn't like being on the receiving end.

A post half way down describes what happended on Saturday. They've tried, almost sucesfully to stamp out racism's, and now they're trying gay awareness.

http://www.skysports.com/blogs/blog_sto ... 63,00.html

Where does it end?

I'm all for a bit of banter myself, this incident isn't even a 'political correctness ' issue either.

Sing loud, sing proud, but be nice....... icon_rolleyes.gif

Saturday Chelsea fans sang 'Keano, Keano, your a cu*t your a cu*t, and you'll always be a c*nt, you'll always be a c*nt....Keano, Keano.....'

Were we out of order, or will Keano really always be a c*nt icon_wink.gif

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One of the comments on the Sky Sports article:

It is a sad reflection on today's society that so called fans feel the need to abuse opposing managers, coaching staff, and players, who are only going about their job. The argument that paying your entry money gives you the right to hurl abuse is nonsense. Does it make them feel any better? Does it help their team succeed? Obviously not from Villa's result against Pompey. In fact it will only make a strong personality more determined to beat them. The same pathetic mentality leads to the booing of opposition anthems before internationals, and leads ultimately to crowd violence. Is that all right because they've paid their entry money? English football can't advance until we get rid of all prejudice and bigotry. Reasonable behaviour from the crowd would be one small step in the right direction.

My opinion on comments like that:


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I do find it a bit laughable that people make comments like that. Yes, our fans are not perfect, and yes there are still unsavoury elements in english football, but we are streets ahead of countries like Spain, with their monkey noises, and Italy, with their pitched battles, in terms of how we behave.

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does anyone know what was shouted at him?

Lyndon Wil says...

I am a season ticket holder in the Lower Trinity, right next to the dug-outs. For that reason I qualify to pass comment on the abuse Redknapp received. For the same reason I will ignore the majority of comments already posted on here. The refereeing during the game was appalling and started to ruin a good contest. Villa fans started singing "Redknapp's paid the ref". Maybe this was unfair but it was aimed at the ref, in typical football fan gallows humour. Redknapp immediately looked incensed and when Portsmouth scored the second goal, he turned to the Villa fans in the Trinity and kept screaming, 'yes'. Fair enough. The fans then started singing "Redknapp's going down". Again he looked extremely angry and when the 3rd goal went in, he started giving the Villa fans the v's, inciting the crowd. I spoke to one steward who had received 30 complaint forms before the end of the game. I dare say we will not hear anything about that. Redknapp then called one fan baldy whilst patting his head. Then and only then did the abuse start. Yes he did get it but Redknapp should have been removed from the dugout before then. I'll say one thing, try flicking the v's to the away fans in some other stadiums in this country and in Europe and see how far you get. Redknapp had little choice but to attack the Villa fans, to save him from getting charged himself. Nothing like unbiased reporting is there.

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