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Carling Cup QF vs Liverpool


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Already some strong rumours that Ballack may make his return in this game, probably unlikely that it will be as a starter and much more likely to be a case of coming off the bench.

I really hope he does come back soon and that it doesn't take too long for him to get up to full match fitness. Lampard looks out of sorts to me and quite possibly lacking the motivation to really put his best into every game. Maybe a little competition and a possible dropping could be what is needed.

Based on the fact it is Liverpool and the team we put out in the meaningless game vs Valencia I expect Grant to play a full strength side against Liverpool. I wonder if the difference between our first half performance today against Arsenal and the performance once Kalou and Pizarro were on will sway the formation and team selection we start the game with.

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I really hope that we go 442, because today it just showed how bad it was relying on Sheva as our lone striker. Not because Sheva wasn't trying, but just because he didn't get much service! We looked a lot better when we went 4-4-2, I hope that we start that way against the scum with essien and lamps in the middle, and kalou and J Cole on the flanks


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well having essien for that game will be much better team performance(i'm hoping). grant should start Pizarro, then if he becomes tired bring on sheva. I find that pizarro is much better when he starts then when he's subbed on.

what's the info on Carvahlo's injury? BTW Terry did not break his foot.

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He is still die to get more scans and it will be tomorrow until the full extent of the injury is known.

It was a poor, and deliberate, attempt to injure him and arguably deserved more than a yellow card. It all stemmed form the Terry tackle on Fabregas which earned Terry a yellow card purely because of Fabregas' massively exaggerated reaction as it was a fair tackle, albeit hard.

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Afer their loss, Liverfool is going to be fired up midweek. Althoughcup fixture, but grunt must win this one to show that he can win against the top four. Also dont expect any youth player to play frm our side.

PS: If Ballack returns then it is gr8. Lampard shuld rest and Ballack shuld play.

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It’s a case of Reserves vs Reserves surely (not that we have any choice). With the luck we are having this year with injuries and players going away for the ANC do we really want to get involved with one more competition?

Oh alright then! Let’s stuff Liverpool and then we bow out.

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in contrast to the Arsenal match we just played, we have Essien back for certain, Ballack back, and possibly Carvalho available. we also return Sinclair and Sahar from their QPR loan.

we lose Terry.

Malouda and Drogba still out with injury.






bench: Hilario, Ferreira, Mikel, Pizarro, Kalou, SWP

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I hate playing these c**ts but im really up for this one. Hoping we have a decent full strenght squad with those available and beat them well. Would be devastated to lose to them at the bridge so, im convinced we'll bounce back after sunday and get the buzz going again.

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I think Grant will be selecting the best players we have for it and I don't beleive we should really be experimenting with formations against Liverpool (teams like Derby are the ones you experiment with different formations against).

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I don't care what formation 442,351,622,all I want is to see is Max (rafa) and the Flee ridden red scum Crying again,and then hear them saying next year will be our season or we are getting closer,the top three must be so far in front because they have been getting closer and closer,i would like a pound for every time i have heard that.


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“I agree the Carling Cup is a competition that we can rest players in. It depends on how they’re feeling. This is not the major trophy that we want, but as long as we play for Chelsea in a game like that, we want to win.”

Looks like we won't be full strength tonight icon_sad.gif

I think that is wrong. We should be going all out to win.

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I'd Basically go with Alans team with a couple of changes












Subs: Cech, Ferreira, Lampard, Sinclair, SWP.

I would play Carlo in the CC as he deserves more games, would rest Frank and hope Ballacks passing could open something up for Sheva and Pizza, maybe Belletti in as Paulo played well against Arsenal and might be 1st choice in the league,

anyone heard anything about Malouda?

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