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"Super Sunday"


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foxsoccer always does things like this with the ABC's. Some i dislike, but others give me a laugh. And it's true when he says has there ever been a clash of the big four that was enjoyable to watch, usually end 1-0, 1-1. Also this guys a man utd fan if you couldn't tell, tries to mask it though.

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Never actually tried to get on Mate. TBH I don't know if I could get on there without having a go at these idiots; some stuff they say is good, but sometimes they are just so stuck in their ways that they don't ever give the callers a fair chance to put forward any objective reasoning.

Have you ever tried to get on?

Also, reading that blokes writing is laughable! He has never come out and said who he follows, but just from reading this post...I think it might be Man Utd. He does make some good points about Liverpool, but Vidic and Evra as the best centre Backs and Left backs in the league??

On Fox Football Fone-in, they were saying prett much more of the same about Terry. They recon that he used to be a great captain, and great leader, but then he has started to let it go to his head and become Billy Big Boots! They seem to love throwing that phrase about. However, they are one of the few pundits who I have watched who are pretty honest about the unnecessary hype surrounding Stevie Me

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ha, ik, but i've got nothing else to watch if i wanna see people talking about "soccer." I have gotten on once last year, but every other time it's busy. I said that Didier Drogba would be the top scorer in the prem by the end, and the guy nick(different one) laughed! I just said "keep laughing, i'd like to see liverpool win a trophy this year!" then he got a lil p.o.ed, but steven enjoyed my call.

That guy steven,though, i liked him when the show first started, but now he's a total a-hole. One minute he's for chelsea, the next he's in love with fabregas or someone. Billy Big Boots, yes i've heard that quiet alot.

Sometimes the calls from other people are just rediculous, one person once called and said " why doesn't an MLS team go into the champions league. I know now that becks is on the galaxy they could beat arsenal!" icon_lol.gif i love listening to other people sometimes.

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aye, heard one bloke call for the champions of the MLS andthe South american league champions should get spots in the CL...would make for one hell of a long away trips!!

Well...not much longer than if Luch-Energia Vladivostok(from the Russian league) was good enough to qualify for UCL or UEFA Cup. Just check this map for reference. icon_lol.gif

They have to cross SIX(6) timezones on their longest away trip in the Russian league!!! icon_eek.gif

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