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Yep, nice draw for us. And good time to go get some sun.

Champions League last 16 draw:

Celtic v Barcelona

Lyon v Manchester United

Schalke v Porto

Liverpool v Inter Milan

Roma v Real Madrid

Arsenal v AC Milan

Olympiakos v Chelsea

Fenerbahce v Sevilla

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Easy draw for Chelsea there - should get through without too much drama.

That's why it pays to top your group.

Out of all the English clubs we have the easiest draw.

Arsenal and Liverfool must be rueing being 2nd in their group.

That said I think AC Milan have pushed their luck too far with with their ageing line up and will get knocked out.

I will becoming an Inter fan for two days in Feb and March willing them to knock tubby out.

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The tie, which was drawn on Friday morning, will be the first matches between the two sides although Olympiacos's Karaiskákis Stadium in Piraeus, a port district in the suburbs of Athens, was the venue for our 1971 Cup Winners' Cup triumph over Real Madrid.
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people are underestimating olympiakos here...big mistake...ok there are better teams out there, but they will be tough especially away from home

They will all be tough. Get a grip. I take Olympiacos any day before Inter ar Ac Milan or ManU...It was a great draw for us.

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This is a tough draw simpley because of the away leg, I am not sure anyone fancies that...

In some ways it puts more pressure on us because we will be expected to get trough.

So on the face of it a good draw, but not reality.

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Its a good draw, but people are being naive if they think its an easy draw.

Olympiakos are there on merit and any team that gets to the knockout stages of the CL cannot be underestimated.

Apart from Celtic.

I think that's what most peolpe are saying, it's a good draw for us not an easy one at all.


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My sentiments exactly Scott. It is the best of a abad bunch! The trips to Greek and Turkish clubs are usually filled with tremendous atmospheres; remember Galatasaray, I would love if we went away to a hostile environment like this and got a result like that!

Milan's old defence might struggle against the younger Arsenal team, but I think Seedorf and Kaka as well as Inzaghi will give them a hard time.

Man Utd got a decent drawa, I don't think Lyon are as good as they used to be.

Liverpool's exit at the hands of Inter will be the final nail in Rafa's coffin! However, should they beat Inter (which I really doubt they will) I would love to get the scoucers again with the chance of US being that Nail!

Barca against Celtic...Celtic will probably give them a good run at hime, but Barca will finnish them off in Spain!

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Hopefully the weather will be warmer in Athens. woohoo.gif

Meze`s allround,washed down with a glass or two of Keo. 429.gif

Just.Are you up for it mate.?? happy0034.gif

Shock, horror, I'll be there too!! Flying out on the Monday coming back on the Thursday courtesy of big Dave!!

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