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Are we a big club?


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The Times says we are with some interesting stats:

Once a big club, forever a big club, it seems. Of the nine clubs whose average league attendance was higher than 35,000 last season, eight were also in the top nine for attendances in the first season after the First World War (Manchester City were the exceptions, and they had the tenth-highest attendances that year) and eight were also in the top nine for attendances in the first season after the Second World War (Tottenham Hotspur were the exceptions, and they finished eleventh that year).

Top nine last season: 1 Manchester United, 2 Arsenal, 3 Newcastle United, 4 Liverpool, 5 Chelsea, 6 Manchester City, 7 Everton, 8 Tottenham Hotspur, 9 Aston Villa.

Top nine in 1919-20: 1 Chelsea, 2 Newcastle United, 3 Arsenal, 4 Tottenham Hotspur, 5 Aston Villa, 6 Everton, 7 Liverpool, 8 West Bromwich Albion, 9 Manchester United.

Top nine in 1946-47: 1 Newcastle United, 2 Liverpool, 3 Chelsea, 4 Manchester United, 5 Wolverhampton Wanderers, 6 Arsenal, 7 Everton, 8 Manchester City, 9 Aston Villa.

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/ ... 075231.ece

What was that bollox about 'no history'?

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Another fact for bragging rights...

Chelsea's highest league attendance - 82,905 - in a home match against Arsenal on 12 October 1935 is also the highest ever for an English Football League match.

We should put all our records and bragging facts in here. 247.gif

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last team to win the FA cup at the old wemberley, and the 1st team to win it at the new one! I really like that one, brings a smile to the face everytime!!!!

Its because it will never be taken from us.

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