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What does Chelsea stand for?


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I've been watching some of those Kings of Clubs shows (each week they profile a big club and its history). One thing i've noticed is alot of the clubs have an overiding image they like to project. For example, Ajax is known as the club of youth and player development and Barcelona like to be seen as the peoples club.

If Chelsea are to be known to the masses by one main thing, what is that thing and what would you like that thing to be?

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This is a question I have wrestled with many times myself. The overriding theme for the not-too distant past of Chelsea Football Club has been of a blue collar club with blue collar fans. Sometimes on the cusp of greatness but mostly just another big English team. I recognized that the early 70s brought a time when Ossie and the FA cup winners made the team associated with fashionable london. I thought Roman's cash might bring that sort of image back to an extent, and it has, but rather than a gradual climb, success has taken the form of envy for our achievements more than admiration

But part of my attraction to Chelsea as a club was when I looked into the history of the club and found that it was a magnet for many of the working class stiffs of the 1970s when times were tough, and that made it the favorite of bands like Madness and the Clash (two of my alltime favorite artists). I realized that along with this image went the whole headhunter baggage as being in-line with the "tough" image. I am a big admirer of the Clash for more than their music, and part of what put my mind at ease about some of those more violent supporters is that there were people who I could identify with politically and socially, and this was the club they loved. I guess it takes all types (I guess now the associated music has gone from "working class" to something more, well, ill let you make the judgements, but I know Blur, the Libertines, Razorlight and much of their associated types are Chelsea born and bred.)

To me, thats what Chelsea stands, or should stand for. The blue collar Londoner, even if he is a rough bar steward.

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