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Berbatov - My First Him Of Praise To Avram


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“Don’t want him. Don’t like him” - yes, you can almost hear the words of Matt Lucas ringing round the forums as the January transfer window opens and names are bandied about as if we all know what we’re talking about. Nobody likes transfer gossip more than the Media and, as they like nothing better than an over-hyped, over-priced player being linked with CFC, more often than not they set the ball rolling themselves. Nicolas Anelka, with a little bit of self help by professing a desire to move to us, started things off and as a result he will be regarded by the pundits as a good signing right up until the time he actually joins, whereupon he will revert to being the sulking, disruptive influence they have always reported him as being in the past. All too easy and all too predictable when, or if, he joins Chelsea.

However, in the case of Dimitar Berbatov, a strange reticence to report means that only the Sun and our own Star are left to tell us what is really going on in terms of Chelsea bidding and the amount involved. Indeed, somewhat bizarrely, Sky went so far as to say, after Fergie had announced ManU would make no January signings, that the Spurs fans needn’t worry anymore about losing their striker! At the other end of the scale the Sunday Mail now gleefully report that Fergie’s going to do an about turn and would like nothing more than to beat us to Berba’s signature. What all this tells me is that there is a Media fear that the player could be heading our way, they’re not keen on the idea (or nowhere near as keen as they were to see Tevez in red, regardless of dubious circumstances) and, should a deal materialise, they want it, at the very least, to be for megabucks, so as to soften the blow. Be that as it may, the fact that they would regard the move as a blow is what interests me…

I think we’d all agree that the perception of our play under Avram Grant so far has been little or no change and that the new signings would define his view of how he (on behalf of Roman) wants us to play. The Media loved to portray us under Jose as a team that ground out results and was essentially a boring outfit. This manifested itself in the claim that Roman ditched the Special One in search of entertainment - a quest for exciting football - although whether you believe this or not is irrelevant really because the Media needed a stick to beat us with while we were winning out titles and that was the one they chose.

For instance, Liverpool never play boring football, if reports are to be believed, and even now, when in a sorry mess, they are not searching to entertain, as they do that instinctively every time they win with the likes of Stevie G in their ranks. No siree, as Tom Hicks would no doubt say, Rafa is forever seeking to play in a more ‘expansive style’, thereby enhancing the entertainment value which is theirs of right. With hurdles like these to overcome and probably getting a tad pissed off with the lack of respect for what had been done since his arrival, Roman decided on a change and the rest is history for everybody except the Scousers.

My point, laboured as it may have been, is that the signing of Dimitar Berbatov would signal the first stage in dragging Media perception, kicking and screaming, towards actually liking the way we are going to play in the future. I’ve lost count of the number of times Didier’s strength and sheer determination won us games that were dull and boring according to the media coverage we got, but it wont happen if Berba’s involved in the build up because the association will be with touch, artistry and style, not brute force and bullying. They may choose to ignore it, of course, but he is a player who’s as hard to ignore as he is to mark and I for one would not want to read that 'he’s gone to his spiritual home' if he heads up t’North.

That’s why Avram gets the first, small cross on the voting slip of confidence from me for being in the market for this guy, if for no other reason than we damn well should be in for him when we’re professing a wish to entertain. Name me anybody else in the Premiership at the moment who is available and who is as good to watch - there you are, it’s difficult isn’t it? Don’t like, don’t want him, don’t want to pay that for him, don’t rate him, don’t want to give them a penny for him. Okay, okay, let’s all point a finger at the journeymen then, the one the Media don’t mind we get, and the one who still quite likes the idea of going to Man City or staying put - I want that one.

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Well you have to wonder if we don't go for Berbatov now will we ever get him and most importantly he has proven premiership pedigree so no worries about him having to adapt, although his temperament for me is a tad questionable in terms of work and team ethic at times. Still that doesn't take away the fact he can be wonderful when he is on song and it does start to give Grant more excuses now to talk (if purchased) about his new style football which most people still cannot see coming over the horizon just yet despite his constant protestations to the contrary. icon_wink.gif

I think the press would be horrified if Berbatov came to us personally, that horrible Chelsea buying up all these players - what filthy rich scum they are! Much better if the apparently poor red relations and die hard exponents of attacking football snapped him up instead.

And you are quite right about Liverpool, they are never dull, never play boring grind it out football, Stevie G is a God and Rafa is a tactical genius as proved at Wigan and countless other places. In fact the only reason everything has gone t*ts up for him this year (again) is because of the pathetic excuse for a beard he grew during the summer oh and the fact he hasn't had enough money to spend oh and the fact that Stevie G is still not playing where he wants oh and because the moon is in scorpio or something. icon_lol.gif

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Guest Brian M

Nice read as always Mr. D. (But you might want to go with hymn rather than 'him' icon_wink.gif)

As usual I agree 100%. I think Grant will be defined by who he buys. And there can be no excuses for the man as Roman is determined to prove the fans wrong and himself right (in firing Jose and appointing Grant) so he'll splash out the cash big-time. Whoever Grant wants, Grant gets. (the Kakas of the world, notwithstanding)

Personally I'd take Anelka on the cheap (and he is cheap at 10 million) as we really need some speed in the team. And he's a great finisher. But with Drogs going we need someone to take his place. And while part of me holds out a hope that that'll be Zlatan in the summer... (hey, dreams are free!) - I think of all the strikers in the EPL, I can't think of anyone better at the sec than Berbatov, to take his place.

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Guest Brian M
I think it is pretty safe to say the 'him' was deliberate given the topic title and first line!

You think?

Hmmm...damn these chess master types are tricky! Any punnier and he'd be working for the Sun! (boom-tish!)

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