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Silly bets with mates? (Footy related)


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Now then I don't do £ (MONEY) bets with mates ~ We decide on something else, this time t'was a big mac meal, bear with me :hiding:

Jjjjjjjjjjjjjohn as I like to call him, knows his footie,but is a die hard Liverpoo supporter ( with a bad stutter) although he lives in Surrey

So then while we were both pissed after the Chelsea Vs S*urs game last Sat we met up & had a footy chat like ya do & Jjjjjjjjjjohn said

1. I bet you that Liverpool finish above Chelsea this season icon_lol.gif I had to take that bet

Then he said wanna double it for a supersize me McD's (Double or nothing)

Katz ~ Go on I'm interested

2. Torres will end up scoring more goals than Drogba

(This might be his most sensible bet ~ But bear in mind t'is a double or nothing)

I've taken him on

Then, now this is the best one *GIGGLE*

Jjjjjjjohn want a do a tripple bet

(Please refer to the No.2 double or nothing one icon_rolleyes.gif)

Palace will finish as Champions

The bet is a night (without drinks) at TGIF !!!

I think I'm save TBH ~ What say you lot?

Do you do silly bets with mates?

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No idea what TGIF is, though. 300.gif

Thank God It's Friday (Might just be called TGI's )

Hmmm...just checked the entry in Wikipedia and apparently they've got TGIF in all our neighbouring countries, but no TGIF in Finland.

Friday's has a large menu with an emphasis on alcoholic beverages.

That should be a hit here in Finland. 431.gif Then again, the emphasis is on alcoholic beverages in any restaurant on a friday. icon_lol.gif

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