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Fined by the FA again


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I have to admit, it does seem that they are more prone to dish these sort of fines out to us. I have seen Man Utd and others surround the refs etc asking for players to get sent off, then we plead our case and we get the fine? I do think terry needs to act a bit more like a captain and deal with the players coming up to the ref, and handle the way that he deals with the refs too. It was obvious when he tried to grab the red out the ref's hand that we were up sh*t creek from that point on

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Last minute of the game, Essien gives a backhander to a player from a well beaten team. 8 Chelsea players chrge on to the ref as he disciplines Essien.

Sorry but NO. We should not be doing it, I don't give a sh*te what anyone else does or does not do, we should have more class and more discipline. Not acting like chavs on a sink estate in Scumpool!

If that was Man Ure or Scumpool everyone on here would be having pops at the clubs and players. Just bacuse they do it in a Blue shirt does NOT make it right!

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