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Getting panned!

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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The media have always had it in for us......

..... but the sh*t that has been chucked in our direction today has been shocking and OTT.

Its all been triggered by the fact we took 1/3 of our allocation to not very Goodison yesterday night.

The papers have had a go...

....The telly has had a go and that stupid c**t Adrian Durh*m on Talksport is shouting his mouth off.

He seems to think that we dont deserve to go to Wembley,because are fans are fickle and the rest are a bunch of JCL's.

He described our support as pathetic and only consisting of 15,000 PROPER Chelsea supporters.

What a load of old sh*t!!

Our support last night was top drawer and on the whole (especially away from home) is always on tip-top form.

There are many reasons why we didn't take our full allocation last night.......

.......3 Northern aways in a week....

.......Our support is 99% based in the South East...

.......Northerners dont have jobs clap2.gifhappy0034.gif .......

.......The cost of the day,including taking 1-2 days off of work.......

(In my honest opinion we dont have the support spread around the country)

Lots of reasons!!!

I just wish they would f**k off and stopping digging us out!

Yesterday was may 23rd match of the season and financially although im not in any debt,im on my arse.

Football is f**king expensive these days........so just f**k off and leave our boys alone!!

Up the chels!!!




YOUR NOT!(to the evertonians)

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Well said Rob. Heard that twat Durham spouting off and I turned the radio off rather than listen to that drivel.

Just made a good point in another thread about the cost of following our boys around Europe and cited that as one of the reasons he couldn't make the Everton game. You yourself have made most of the away games this season and like you say it's bloody expensive.

We may be owned by megabucks Roman but it doesn't mean the rest of us are loaded so f**k off Durham!!

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In the S*n today, which I repeat I am only even allowing into my house for the sake of the Only Fools And Horses DVD tokens, their "reporter" stated that it took Joe Cole's goal to finally wake up the travelling Chelsea fans? Even overn the crap stream I could clearly hear "it's so quiet at Goodison" in the first half. Another little S*n feature I had the misfortune to encounter was the "bovvered/not bovvered" thing. Everton of course, were well up for it, Chelsea .. went out of their way to back up Avram Grant's statement that he couldn't care less about the League Cup.

It's all bollox. f**k 'em all.

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Nice one Glory , you made a few good points and i think that c**t Durham deserves an email.

I'd love to have been there , but Durham forgets , flights cost money , hotels cost money, sterling costs money , and i cant afford to take time off work.

So heres the deal, why dont we all email him ?


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