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what other football shirts do you have besides Chelsea?


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just curious what other shirts you have besides Chelsea (i have 3 Chelsea shirts -- home circa 02/03; current home; black jersey circa 04/05).

my list:

1. US national team away, WC qualifying circa 04/05, Claudio Reyna #10 on back (i never liked the guy but it was on sale for like $5)

2. Italian club side Padua, 2002/03 (my Dad grew up right outside that town and bought it for me when he went back to visit a few years ago)

3. Real Madrid dark blue away, 04/05 (my wife bought it for me, and i never had the heart to tell her that i don't like the team, so i keep it in the closet and wear it once a year in the interests of marital harmony)

4. England national team away (red with crosses on shoulders) long sleeved, Euro 04 (another gift from my wife, this one she got right)

i post this because i have a few dollars burning a hole in my pocket and i am thinking of picking up a Lionel Messi Barca shirt (the sting of his play acting when Del Horno touched him and drew red a few years back has sufficiently abated) and also a Fulham third shirt with Clint Dempsey's name on it. i figure it's not great form to have a shirt of another Premiership club, but since Fulham won't be Premiership for long, i guess it's all right. plus, it's a nice shirt, no?


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An Italian shirt with 'Zola 25' ((I know he didn't wear 25 for Italy but oh well icon_lol.gif )) on the back, an England shirt which is a couple of years old and a Charlton shirt (thanks Auntie Iris) which I've never worn. I refuse to wear another teams colours.

PS- I want an Irish one with Duff on the back icon_wink.gif

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I used to have a few of old fake shirts that i got when ive been to Greece and Spain. I had

an Inter one with Ronaldo 9

a Luis Figo Barcelona shirt with i think it was 7 on the back 300.gif from the year we played them in the champions league (the shirt didn't last long though after he scored against us icon_lol.gif )

a black away Roma shirt

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hmm...let's see I have a couple cfc shirts, inter milan with Ibrahimovic on the back, then a couple fakes from my uncle in italy-kaka ac milan, figo inter. holland home shirt(was pratically free so i bought it), Germany with Klose, Messi barca, New York red bulls(got that before i went to the LA game), Madrid Beckham-mom bought that for me, and then England shirt with Lampard on the back.

then my prized possession is my signed cfc shirt that my uncle got for me when they(cfc) came to california.

Yeah, I may have an addiction

Good idea about the Fulham jersey icon_lol.gif go for it, but are you sure about the color?

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I've got one Chelsea shirt, which is the 2001/2003 home shirt. I was in this crap job that I had to take while I was studying and I decided to treat myself to something nice when I got my first salary. I was surprised to find a Chelsea shirt in my size at the local sports store, so I bought one straight away.

As for other clubs/teams...well, I've got a few. Most of them I've got as gifts, mainly from my brother who travels a lot(partially because of his job). Some of them look very nice and some of them are just practical to wear when I play futsal or football.

Let's see...what's in the closet...

2000/2002 Danish national team's home shirt, which I bought from Copenhagen as a Souvenir. The Danes were getting a new shirt for the World Cup so the ones they used in the qualifiers were on sale at the time. And it's not a bad looking shirt to be honest. Basic red Hummel shirt.

Tanzania's home shirt...I think it's from somewhere around 2004 or 2005. My brother bought it for me when he was over there.

Cruz Azul's home shirt from 2003/2004. A very nice blue Umbro shirt..also a gift from my brother. happy0034.gif

Beitar Jerusalem FC's home shirt with Alon Mizrahi's name and number. Also a gift from my brother. That one sure gets a few puzzled looks when I wear it. 317.gif

Southampton's UEFA Cup home shirt from 2003/2004. A bit of a novelty as I think they only played in those shirts just once. A friend of mine bought it as a gift for me when he was visiting his girlfriend in Southampton and they were cheap to buy for some reason... icon_rolleyes.gificon_lol.gif

Long sleeved AS Roma retro home shirt. Looks very nice. A gift from my brother(again).

Benfica's home shirt from last season...yes, you guessed it. A gift from my brother. icon_lol.gif

FC St. Pauli fan shirt. Black retro style shirt with a white collar and the skull and crossbones logo on front. Very rock 'n' roll...! 431.gif

C.D. FAS(El Salvador) home shirt...I think it's 2003 or 2004. Butt ugly, but it was cheap as dirt, so it's a fun novelty.

Sporting Lissabon's training shirt from last season. Got it as a gift. It's absolutely fantastic to wear when playing football/futsal or just when it's hot weather. So, thanks mom! icon_lol.gif

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I've only got one football shirt, a Rangers one from around 1980-ish (the one with the v-neck and pin stripe, circa the Davie Cooper era). Strangely it doesn't fit anymore, it must have shrunk 300.gif317.gificon_lol.gif

Also got four Chelsea polo shirts (two white, one navy, one grey) and two Rangers ones (one white, one navy).

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wow, nice thread i started here (except for the latex bit)

i forgot one other i own:

- a green Ireland national team shirt from last year, got it from my mom who was visiting Ireland on holiday, and wear it to Portland Timbers matches (green is the color, after all)

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I only got one shirt actually. Always been too cheap to buy another one.

The one I've got is a Juventus shirt with Zidane on the back.

My aunt got it for me when she and her husband went to Italy.

No other shirt. Was thinking about buying a Chelsea one but I haven't found one cheap enough.

Maybe I'll buy a blue ordinary shirt and write "Terry" on the back. Much, much cheaper icon_wink.gif

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Apart from untold Chelsea shirts I have

5x England ones

1x Cagliari (Zola)

Sorry but.......

6 or 7 Millwall tops (All signed & given to me by the directors of Millwall ~ Long story, I'll cut it short, but my best friends Dad was, until last year the director of the U19's for Millwall)

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yea, hidden in that closet of yours icon_lol.gif

I don't know what else you've been doing in my closet, but if that's the sort of outfits you wear when you do, I do NOT want to know. And if I catch you sneaking around, I will call the cops. PDT_nunu.gif

Back on topic? Ok... icon_lol.gif

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My Chelsea ones range from 95 on. Still got my Medium Coors top with Hughes and the "premiership" numbers on the back. I also gave a few of them away (including the same Coors top without anything on the back. I also handed out a few others to people all over the USA trying to get them to follow Chelsea. Don't have my Autoglass ones anymore, or the firts emirate one. Couple training tops, etc.

OK, so what do I have that is non-Chelsea? Well, I had a good few Rangers ones; including an old one that looked like it had wood in the background of it. I also had the other one that had McEwans Lager on the front of it.

Had an Italian one, think it was from the world cup in 94, with Vialli on the back of it, but gave it away too


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Since the shirts cost a fortune in Canada (Got the third away kit for christmas from my parents though woohoo.gif ) I usualy buy them when I go to Europe. atm I have a FC Lucern (Swiss league), NHK Zrinski (my hometown team), England, and the 2003 Juventus Lotto Kit with Nedved on the back (if you want free drinks in Prague, that's the kit to wear icon_lol.gif ) and the Chelsea 2004 kit with Kezman on the back icon_rolleyes.gif (my teacher got it made for me when he was on a trip to England and went to see the blues play, best teacher ever stopped the class when we had CL games and we watched them on projectors in our networking class). This summer I'll be getting the Toronto FC kit and I'm trying to get a FC Sochaux (from the Ligue 1 Orange) kit, but it retails around 130$ around here icon_mad.gif .

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As for CFC shirts, I have a 70's blue shirt with a number 11 on, a couple of blue Autoglass shirts with the collar and white insets, a yellow Autoglass away shirt and, a particular favourite of mine, a graphite and tangerine Coors shirt, none of which have numbers or names.

I have a few shirts apart from my CFC ones.

As far as other teams go, there is a theme running through this list. I've got an original 1970 Brazil number 10, a classic AC Milan shirt with Gullit 10 on it, a classic Holland Orange shirt with Gullit 10 on it, a classic Inter shirt with R. Baggio 10 on it and a classic Napoli number 10 shirt. All short-sleeved, v-necked and sparky nylon (I think!)

There ya go, make of that what you will


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Apart from Chelsea shirts, of which I've got a whole load - the oldest of these is the 1970 Cup Winners, the most recent last season's - I've got an Italy Euro '96 shirt that I bought when we signed Zola, Vialli and Di Matteo, and an England shirt that I bought after one of the local inbreds started shooting his mouth off about "another bloody Englishman in the village" one time when I walked into the local club. Apart from that I've got an ancient Glasgow Rangers shirt.

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Pretty much all Chels for me, apart from a few knock off Italian ones from when i was younger.

Chels ones include this/last season's with Sheva on the back (bought when we signed him) - WHAT a mistake that was - the number 7 has even fallen off the shirt, leaving a shadow of what it once was, which pretty much sums things up really. And to think that Joe Cole was the other option I considered. Bugger. icon_rolleyes.gif

I've also got the white 3rd kit from a few seasons back, the Coors home shirt, and, most importantly the graphite and tangerine one, which I will always treasure. Oh and the recent England Away kit (red) with Terry on the back

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