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Playing FA Fixtures abroad. Do you Agree?


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On Thursday, the 20 Premier League clubs agreed to look into the possibility of playing an extra round of matches every season - abroad. I'm totally against this decision, and am trying to show that there's a critical mass of fans who don't want their teams going to play an English Premiere League game somewhere outside of England. So I made this poll - and I want to invite people to go and vote and maybe if we get enough votes we can send it to the people in charge. Here's the link:

http://www.pollsb.com/polls/poll/6334/d ... r-overseas

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who would the world army be fighting?

ET of course saving us from a Galatic invasion

Or surpressing free thought and movement and subjecting the lower levels of humanity to become the slaves for the higher levels .

well, as I suspect you know, ET is in fact a fictional creation, as is the idea that anyone would suppress free thought, you marxist hippy.

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Was watching Fox Football Fone In, and they had a segment on this.

They said " fans are no longer fans-they're customers and the job of the FA is to market teams to make the "customers" buy the products to make them richer. All 20 chairmen of the prem clubs have said yes immediatley to this proposal so why is Fergie complaining he's got no voice in this. The premiership is basically a world league. 75% of the players are foriegn in the league. And an English manager is still yet to win a trophy(don't remember which he said). It all comes down to money and when the games are played around the world, so much money will be made."

Yep Steven said that^ (anyone who's seen FFFI)

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No English manager has ever won the Premiership, was what he said. He sometimes opens his mouth and lets his stomach grumble (and this bloke is English, before anyone accuses a "dumb Yanj of being out of touch with football). However, I think he does have a point that the premiership see fans as customers and that all clubs wll be up for this if it means more revenue.

It also makes the reward of making it to the premiership that much more financially huge! Come up, get relegated, but you're 5 million richer! I think it could make it tougher for some teams to then make it into the premiership, because even those who are relegated will be going back down with more finances behind them

I wonder though, will the Asia, American, Australian, whomever, markets be that enthralled if the games they get are derby against west brom?


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