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the great talksport dipper whitewash


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been listening to talksport this morning while doing some work round the house hoping for a bit of stick for the dippers. bu surprise surprise, theyve barely even mentioned it. theyve talked about manyoo taking the p**s out of arsenal, us struggling v huddersfield etc. but not the dippers. that proves to me their total bias towards them. last time ill ever listen.

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Absolutely right dkw. Graham "Beaky" Beecroft even said Liverpool fans, (and he is one himself), should just put it to down as one of those things. Mainly, in his opinion, due to the fact that the Barnsley keeper had the game of his life.

While I think the kid Steele made at least two very good saves I don't think it was an astonishing goal-keeping display. Nothing like, for example, Dudek's amazing performance against A.C Milan in Istanbul to win the CL trophy. That truly was the game of his life.

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I would agree with that Just. Liverpool had a number of chances in that game which if they hadn't fluffed their lines with the bar steward son of a foursome between Shilton, Banks, Zoff and a, hormone modified to have female reproductive glands, Cech wouldn't have saved.

One of those days nothing, it was very poor finishing by a team who are largely made up of very poor finishers! It cost them against us and it cost them yesterday. A team that relies on the likes of Crouch, Kuyt and Voronin to get goals when Torres doesn't hasn't got a hope in hell of success.

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I can't understand how they can say that we struggled? In the first half we dominated and we put Huddersfield under constant pressure. The ball hardly left their side of the pitch.

They started the 2nd half well enough but never looked really dangerous and then we took over again. With a bit of luck (and if we wanted to) we could probably have won it by more goals.

Huddersfield did their best and never gave up. I was impressed by their attitude.

But the fact is simple, we were better than them and never looked like losing or even drawing, despite only having 1-1 after the first half.

I haven't seen the L'Fool game but I've heard that Barnsley played really well and Liverpool just wasn't good enough.

The ref helped them all he could but that didn't help.

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First half when Liverpool score the first goal I thought, "o great they're gonna win 3-0" but I'm glad I was wrong. Barsnley in the second half had a few scrambles in the box, and tbh Liverpool should have scored. And Crouch kept missing, long balls, Kuyt went missing, i forgot Gerrard was there, and the Barnsley fans were well heard at Anfield. Great game for Barnsley, but their defense were the MOTM for me(along with the 2nd goal scorer).

In Rafa we Trust icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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