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Congratulations Frank


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Regardless of what happens this Summer, this thread is purely to celebrate Frank's 100 (and 1!) goals for Chelsea Football Club.


The 100 club

Bobby Tambling 202 goals, 366+4 games

Kerry Dixon 193 goals, 413+7 games

Roy Bentley 150 goals, 367 games

Peter Osgood 150 goals, 376+4 games

Jimmy Greaves 132 goals, 169 games

George Mills 123 goals, 239 games

George Hilsdon 107 goals, 164 games

Frank Lampard 101 goals, 334+19 games



1 Sep 20 Levski Sofia (UEFA Cup home) W 3-0

2 Dec 23 Bolton Wanderers (home) W 5-1

3 Dec 26 Arsenal (away) L 1-2

4 Jan 16 Norwich City (FA Cup home) W 4-0

5 Feb 9 Aston Villa (away) D 1-1

6 Mar 2 Charlton Athletic (away) L 1-2

7 Mar 13 Tottenham Hotspur (home) W 4-0


8 Aug 17 Charlton Athletic (away) W 3-2

9 Aug 28 Southampton (away) D 1-1

10 Oct 3 Viking Stavanger (UEFA Cup away) L 2-4

11 Dec 21 Aston Villa (home) W 2-0

12 Jan 28 Leeds United (home) W 3-2

13 Mar 1 Newcastle United (away) L 1-2

14 Mar 8 Arsenal (FA Cup away) D 2-2

15 Mar 22 Manchester City (home) W 5-0


16 Sep 13 Tottenham Hotspur (home) W 4-2

17 Sep 20 Wolverhampton Wanderers (away) W 5-0

18 Oct 22 Lazio (Champions League home) W 2-1

19 Nov 4 Lazio (Champions League away) W 4-0

20 Nov 9 Newcastle United (home) W 5-0 (penalty)

21 Nov 30 Manchester United (home) W 1-0 (penalty)

22 Dec 28 Portsmouth (home) W 3-0

23 Jan 3 Watford (FA Cup away) D 2-2

24,25 Feb 1 Blackburn Rovers (away) W 3-2

26 Mar 27 Wolverhampton Wanderers (home) W 5-2

27 Apr 6 Arsenal (Champions League away) W 2-1

28,29 May 1 Southampton (home) W 4-0

30 May 5 Monaco (Champions League home) D 2-2


31 Aug 28 Southampton (home) W 2-1 (penalty)

32 Oct 30 West Bromwich Albion (away) W 4-1

33 Nov 13 Fulham (away) W 4-1

34 Nov 30 Fulham (League Cup away) W 2-1 (substitute)

35 Dec 4 Newcastle United (home) W 4-0

36 Dec 18 Norwich City (home) W 4-0

37,38 Jan 15 Tottenham Hotspur (away) W 2-0 (1 penalty)

39 Jan 26 Manchester United (League Cup away) W 2-1

40 Mar 8 Barcelona (Champions League home) W 4-2

41 Mar 19 Crystal Palace (home) W 4-1

42 Apr 2 Southampton (away) W 3-1

43,44 Apr 6 Bayern Munich (Champions League home) W 4-2

45 Apr 12 Bayern Munich (Champions League away) L 2-3

46 Apr 23 Fulham (home) W 3-1

47,48 Apr 30 Bolton Wanderers (away) W 2-0

49 May 15 Newcastle United (away) D 1-1 (penalty)


50,51 Aug 24 West Bromwich Albion (home) W 4-0

52 Sep 13 Anderlecht (Champions League home) W 1-0

53,54 Sep 24 Aston Villa (home) W 2-1 (1 penalty)

55 Oct 2 Liverpool (away) W 4-1 (penalty)

56,57 Oct 15 Bolton Wanderers (home) W 5-1

58 Oct 23 Everton (away) D 1-1

59,60 Oct 29 Blackburn Rovers (home) W 4-2 (1 penalty)

61 Nov 26 Portsmouth (away) W 2-0 (penalty)

62 Dec 26 Fulham (home) W 3-2

63 Jan 2 West Ham United (away) W 3-1

64 Jan 28 Everton (FA Cup away) D 1-1

65 Feb 8 Everton (FA Cup home) W 4-1 (penalty)

66 Feb 25 Portsmouth (home) W 2-0

67 Mar 7 Barcelona (Champions League away) D 1-1 (penalty)

68 Apr 15 Bolton Wanderers (away) W 2-0

69 Apr 17 Everton (home) W 3-0


70 Aug 20 Manchester City (home) W 3-0

71 Aug 27 Blackburn Rovers (away) W 2-0 (penalty)

72,73 Sep 23 Fulham (away) W 2-0 (1 penalty)

74 Oct 28 Sheffield United (away) W 2-0

75 Oct 31 Barcelona (Champions League away) D 2-2

76 Nov 8 Aston Villa (League Cup home) W 4-0

77 Dec 17 Everton (away) W 3-2

78 Dec 23 Wigan Athletic (away) W 3-2

79,80,81 Jan 6 Macclesfield Town (FA Cup home) W 6-1 (1 penalty)

82 Jan 13 Wigan Athletic (home) W 4-0

83,84 Jan 23 Wycombe Wanderers ( League Cup home) W 4-0

85 Jan 31 Blackburn Rovers (home) W 3-0

86 Feb 3 Charlton Athletic (away) W 1-0

87,88 Mar 11 Tottenham Hotspur (FA Cup home) D 3-3

89 Mar 14 Manchester City (away) W 1-0 (penalty)

90 Apr 15 Blackburn Rovers (FA Cup Old Trafford) W 2-1 aet


91 Aug 15 Reading (away) W 2-1

92 Aug 19 Liverpool (away) D 1-1 (penalty)

93 Aug 25 Portsmouth (home) W 1-0

94,95,96 Oct 31 Leicester City (League Cup home) W 4-3

97 Nov 3 Wigan Athletic (away) W 2-0

98 Dec 8 Sunderland (home) W 2-0 (penalty)

99 Dec 19 Liverpool (League Cup home) W 2-0

100, 101 Feb 16 Huddersfield Town (FA Cup home) W 3-1

(Information gathered from the official site)


Impressive, to say the least.

I'm sure everyone has a favourite Lampard goal, mine still remains the first one he got against Bolton in the 2004/05 season. The way he ran onto the ball, beat the man by heading it down past him, leaving the defender flat on his arse, cutting it in with his left foot, beating another man, bringing it onto his right and then smacking it into the back of the net... Still sends shivers down my spine. A goal made purely from his determination and by man who can always make something from nothing.

His name is now firmly edged into our History. A player who never shies away or backs down when the constant pressure and criticism is thrown at him. You can say that for the money he's on, you wouldn't either... But many footballers do. I don’t want to turn this into a Lampard vs. everyone else thread… But thank God we’ve got this man in our midfield, and not some whiney, over-hyped, arrogant pillock.

Thanks Frank, another 50? Who knows... frank.gif


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Actually scrap that idea Gem - it makes more sense to create a page celebrating the milestone rather than doing it at the end of the season when he will be at a different number of goals.

I will work on something over the next week or two

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As I said in another thread, a Chelsea legend bow.gif

There's been plenty of great goals in his time at Chelsea; the screamer against Lazio, the swivel and volley against Bayern, the lob against Barca, but my favourite goal(s) are the ones against Bolton when we won the title.

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He is worth his place in the side for his goals alone, but when you consider his assists in a season and his work rate from box to box he is fantastic.

Does'nt deserve the stick he gets from opposition fans, the hammers are thick jealous idiots who we all laugh at but when he plays for England its just wrong the abuse he gets because Frank always gives 100%.

He has said it himself he's a true blue know. Chelsea is his club.

I think/hope he will stay. Either way he will always be frank.gif

Well done Frank:


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Congratulations to Frank Lampard on passing the 100 goal mark. It is a fantastic achievement and a testament at how well he has done at the club. My favourite Lampard goal has to be the two he scored against Bolton that won us the Premiership back in the 2004-2005. The reason being that it won us the league for the first time in 50 years.

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The goal against Bayern was the best, pure class.

Yeah and how overlooked was it. At the time Bayern were no pushovers and Kahn was pretty useful between the sticks and it hardly got a mention. He's had a hard time has Frank but he's a Chelsea legend and always will be whether he finishes his career with the mighty blues or not.

Super Frank!

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He's had a hard time has Frank but he's a Chelsea legend and always will be whether he finishes his career with the mighty blues or not.

Super Frank!

Which is exactly why he loves the club. No one has supported him as much as us.

He is part of the family, and he knows it.

Thank god those East End pikeys turned him away.


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Nice piece Loz!

From that list I've met and had a drink with Dixon, Greaves and my dad bought Bently a pint a few years ago in the MH stand when he'd borrowed his mates season ticket to go to the game.

Also met Ossie a few times and got Greaves to sign the programme for the last game he played for us, many years after he'd left though.

All legends in their own right!

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We all know how important he is, and how hard he works. Its the rest of the world that just seems to cast him as a one-dimensional has been. Frank's stature, as a player, is one that I am convinced will grow after his playing days are done.

People who never saw him play will look at the stats of a man who scored 70+ goals in four seasons and will surely be flabergasted to see that he did it all from midfield. And im sure they will wonder why people disliked him so much and tried to run him out of the national team. Or why he was booed while European Giants vied for his signature

I am almost glad frank gets the stick he does from everyone. I think it makes him realize, by contrast, how special he is for all of us, and how much we love him. Congrats Super Frank frank.gif

If I look at just the goals and don't think about the matches they were scored in and/or the importance of the goals, my favourite Lampard goal is this one:



That was my favorite by far. I remember leaping out of my seat when that goal was scored

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