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Sahar goes on loan to Sheffield Wednesday


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although I have not seen that much of Sahar, I do think that he is a talent. however, I don't think he is as good as Sinclair, and therefore I doubt he will be a fixture for Chelsea, ever! Sinclair does have a decent enough shout, but I could see him being loaned out again


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Sinclair and Sahar are different type of players. Our wingers aren't exactly on fire at the moment, so as long as SWP and Joey Cole suffer when played out wide and Malouda struggles to find his form, Sinclair's bound to get some chances. At least in domestic cup matches. Sahar's more of a center forward so he's competing for a place in the squad with Drogba, Anelka, Sheva and with Mr. Piz as well. If Mr. Piz leaves in the summer, I can't see why Sahar couldn't take his place in the first team next season. And Mr. Piz isn't the only striker that could be on his way out in the summer. Drogba or Sheva could be leaving...maybe even both of them. Who knows who our strikers will be next season. 317.gif

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Don't think Grant's got the balls but I hope he proves me wrong. The first question he has to address is Mikael Manncienne the lad has done well at QPR this season, much like the time he was there last season, he has to come back and become a first team squad member next season. We've got to show the youbgsters there's a way forward at Chelsea and we are not just a buying club. Think the door's closed for Jimmy Smith and he will be sold same path for Anthony Grant too.

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We've also got to be responsible with our youngsters. Throwing them in the first team when they are clearly not ready isn't being responsible, will ruin their confidence and perhaps their career.

Give them the chance to prove they are better than the likes of Sidwell and Pizarro at other top flight teams first.

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