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Where were you when we were carp?


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i remember it well.

to be honest it was a shock but only really on form, after all we were in Div 2 at the time (along with Barnsley - it doesnt mention that!) and our priority that season was getting promoted.

im pretty sure it was the same day as when sutton utd beat coventry and that took all the headlines.

its been a long time since ive seen the works 'gareth' and 'hall' !

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I was 5 years old when that happened and I didn't have a clue what Chelsea or football was. I was on the floor drooling and pulling faces. Typical childhood in Sweden icon_wink.gif

Sad to see that we lost on that day.

Still, it was many, many years ago. Back when dinosaurs walked the earth (and Loz could still be considered young). It's 2008 now and things have changed.

Let's show them the new Chelsea. woohoo.gif

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How was she? Rachel Bilson that is. As good as she looks? Damn that avatar Jayhawk - can't stop looking at it every time it appears in a thread. Shed end forum - just you're local soft porn site.

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