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Top 5 Favourite Chelsea Managers.

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I would like to know what everyones favourite top 5 Chelsea managers are ?

Use whatever criteria you like, success at the club, personallity, length of service, certain matches theyv'e managed or any other reasons.

My personal fav 5.....

1. Jose Mourinho.

2. Gianluca Vialli.

3. John Neal.

4. Claudio Ranieri.

5. Ruud Gullit.

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If I restrict it to the managers that have managed the club whilst I have been alive then I would go with

1. Ruud Gullit

2. Eddie Mac (although I was too young to actually follow Chelsea so I am basing it on knowledge attained retrospectively

3. John Neal

4. Luca Vialli

5. Jose Mourinho

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1. Ruud Gullit

2. Eddie Macreadie

3. John Neal

4. Jose Mourinho

5. Vialli/Hoddle

Left a space between Eddie and John in case Avi Excels himself and wins something big this season, that would be a feat after whats happened here and purely on his quiet dignified demeanour he would jump up my Favourites list icon_wink.gif

Gullit because I just liked his style, would love to have him back one day,

Eddie because he could have made us great even back then,

JN because he brought in some great players and was just really good,

Jose because he helped really put us on the map as one of the best in Europe,

Vialli because I really liked the bloke, Hoddle because he started a change in our style that kicked it all off this time around,

21. Dave Sexton made some horrible decisions but won us the F.A. Cup which has always been one of my best Chelsea memories, icon_lol.gif

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In no particular order:

Eddie Mac - put together a great bunch of youngsters

Jose - claimed two premiership titles when I was firmly of the belief I would never even see one in my lifetime

Ruud - for the ultimate sexy football

Luca - for continuing an element of that sexy football

Tommy Doc - for winning our first 'major' trophy in my lifetime and bringing together the foundations of the great team of the 70's

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Guest Brian M



And then waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off in the distance:

2. Luca

3. Claudio

4. Hoddle

5. Gullit

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Only ever seen 6 managers aat Chelsea, and one of them was Grant.

so the 5 i have seen, in chronological order:

Hoddle, Ruud, Vialli, Ranieri, Jose

Top of that list would have to be Jose, then Ruud for bringing us the first silverware I ever saw Chelsea lift....could have been different in 94. Then Vialli for bringing us European success. Then a coin flip between the other two. Hoddle for bringing Ruud, and Vialli for almost winning us the CL but getting us there consistantly and being a great bloke. but his tinkering drove me mad!

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