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It would NEVER have happened under Mourinho


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I posted elsewhere last week, that I felt that under Avram Can't, we might gradually become a laughing stock.

Well you were warned. actions1.gif

Last night reminded me so much, of trips to far flung Northern destinations in the domestic cups during the 80's where we ALWAYS got beaten.

I fully accept that the players were responsible. Only Joe Cole played like a true pro. The others either didn't try, or were so out of form as to be totally ineffective.

THESE PLAYERS DO NOT WANT GRANT !!!! They are clearly not playing for him or his backup team who ALL got the cold shoulder at the final whistle. Can you imaging JM tolerating this sort of performance, or the Carling Cup performance come to that.

Until we get a Manager/Coach that the players (and us fans) respect, there will be plenty more of this type of dross. 346.gif

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Well ive slept on it now, and do i feel any better ? Like hell i do.

Its times like this when realise just how much it all means to you, just how important Chelsea is in your life. If someone was to say to me know 'c'mon its only a game' id punch them. I feel awful today, gutted. Im still stunned as to what happened yesterday.

Its been a long time since something like that has happened to us - in fact just when was the last time we got dumped out of the FA Cup by lower league opposition ? There was a time when you could set your calendar by it! Times have changed however and we are now a very different club.

I dont actually blame Grant as much for yesterday as i do for the CC Final. That was all his doing, his baby. The team and the tactics and most importantly the lack of doing anything about it. Yesterday as boss, he does, of course (and will) have to carry the can. But some of those players need to take a good long look at themselves. If you are not going to play for the boss thats up to you, but at least play for the club, maybe the fans , and if you cannot do that well, at least show some professional integrity and play for yourself. It was a scandal out there. Those that made the trip to Oakwell should be refunded by those players.

What happens next ? Well we have two competitions left - the two biggies. Lets face it, we are not going to win the league , weve actually got some tricky fixutres and my main concern is slipping into the battle for 4th place. That means Grant up against Benetiz, O'Neill and Moyes and i have to say it scares the bejesus out of me.

And the Holy Grail ? Well, we all hope dont we ? But my head tells me we will come unstuck next round unless we are drawn against Fernabache or Schalke, i just dont think Grant has what it takes to complete a chess match against the other teams over 180 mins.

The club is in a mess. Something isnt right. Certainly the makeup and balance of the coaching staff is wrong and we are hearing stories of player meetings, fallouts on the training ground and as we all can see the team dont have faith in the boss.

I guess the silver lining of yesterday is that ultimately its impossible to see Grant in charge come August, that is of course if Roman is brave enough to accept his mistake.

Fingers crossed.

And no, Coombsie mate it would never had happened under Jose. Look at my thread about 'no excuses', i feel a right c**t now. But i standby what i said. At 4pm yesterday i thought we were dead certs for the FA Cup again this year - and i bet i wasnt the only one.

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Was our last FAC defeat against a 'minnow' that travesty when we lost on pens to Millwall, after being denied 3 stonewall pens in normal time? I could be wrong, but what I do know is that for the past few years almost every defeat we've suffered (and let's face it, there haven't been many) could be somehow explained by some dodgy decision, bad luck, a red card against us etc. Think L'pool in the CL (twice), them in the FAC SF, Manure this year, Arse this year, Barca at home, even Villa this year (blatant pen on SWP not given in opening mins). Even Spuds at Wembley had that controversial ending when we were denied a chance to equalise by a freakishly-timed final whistle.....We've usually competed flat out, even without playing well, and almost every defeat has been really tight. ( The 3-0 away at Boro and the Spuds performance were exceptions, Grant-ed).

Yesterday was a real, no excuses, they-were-better-than-us shocker. I thought Barnsley were fantastic in every respect yesterday and totally deserved it. Their keeper barely had a save to make and we looked incapable of creating anything.

It reminded me of the game at Wycome last year when we looked utterly clueless and couldn't string anything together. At the end of that game Jose's interview told me that all the press speculation about behind-the-scenes breakdowns had substance. I think this defeat plus the Spurs shambles also transmit pretty clearly that things have fallen apart off the field under Grant.

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We did have some poor performances under Jose, but you know, as Coombsie says, this result just wouldn't have happened. His pride would not have allowed a result like this to happen.

The way Malouda, SWP, Ballack etc under performed and strolled about as though they didn't give a f**k - he would have hauled them off before half time.

Mourinho had many faults, but what I will never get over is the way he instilled that winning mentality into the players. They truly went out into every match feeling they were going to win and that defeat was not an option. Yesterday and against Spurs that winning mentality appears to have all but vanished.

And again, the worrying thing is no Drogba and no Lamps and we look very short on goals.

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which gives me the reason to ask why Anelka? I never think he is right up there at the top. Maybe among the top 50 in the world, but not in Drogs/Benzema/Eto class.

I was disappointed when we sign him. He is good but was always not going to score simple goals. Notice how he fluffed the sitter, just like the way he missed the goal when playing for Bolton against the Scouser?

Brian Howard and team deserves the victory, so let's not take it away from them.

I think Sidwell, Sheva, Pizarro & SWP have to go next season.

It is frustrating that our hope will not depend on the Champion's League (which i think we will not even get to the final with Avram Grant) or even the league title which looks like slipping away. Prepare for a trophyless year, which would not have happened under JM BackJose.gif

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God what short memories we have, eh? Last season we were in a f*cking fantastic position to win the league, we had a 0-0 draw against Newcastle and another bad result directly after meaning we finished second.


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I never like these statements that claim "it would never have happened under Jose". People can argue over them. It's just an opinion and there is no way to prove it one way or the other.

I much prefer to say:

"In three years as manager, it NEVER DID happen under Jose"

That's a fact. No-one can argue it.

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