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Funny Olasol artical on his feelings for Grant and Jose


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Not meant as a dig at anyone, just a lighthearted view of how he and a few people I know are feeling.

its from Vital Chelsea

http://www.chelsea.vitalfootball.co.uk/ ... p?a=505225

Its hard being a Chelsea fan sometimes.

I find myself in the grip of moodswings and changes of heart every hour it seems, at the moment. Things are just so messed up. The only thing I can liken the current state of affairs to is being in a relationship with your partner. Its got some weird similarities. There are a few ways of looking at this.

The most obvious analogy would be to look at the relationship we have with Chelsea. Its an infatuation. She rules your life. She torments your dreams, rocks your nights and dominates your days. There is Chelsea and nothing more. You worship her and all your mates think she is wrong for you, that you are a mug for spending all that time, money and emotional energy on her, and for letting things get to you so badly when things arent going well. But that's nothing new. We'll be like this when the current uncertainties are over, we were before and we always will be. I mean, how am I feeling now? Things are crazy right now. Grant is admired by me today more than ever, and yet he's been roundly lambasted by me and everyone else within the space of a few weeks. How did things get so fickle? How did things get so unpleasant?

No, the more suitable metaphor I can use to describe my feelings about the whole Grant thing at the moment would be ask you to imagine this...

You are in a relationship with a girl and have been for a while now. Things are good, very good all things considered, but she just does not light your fires like your ex did. She is solid enough, ticks a few of the major boxes, but deep down you know she'll never be the one for you long term. She doesnt really do too much wrong, and being realistic, you know that comparing her to your ex is massively unfair. A couple of times you've written off your girlfriend as a total no-no, and have begun to look longingly at other women.

You have a hit list of potential replacements for The Current One, but nothing or nobody is really leaping out. You entertain fantasies about either getting your ex back, or perhaps the one you fell in love with a few years ago and with whom you never really accepted it was truly over. Maybe you will be re-united one day. You know what they say though - never go back. You know this and yet still you daydream.

Several times you've written your girlfriend off, and she's behaved with hugely admirable dignity and pride the whole time. She knows you dont love her and she knows that you think of other women all the time. She hopes one day you might, and is wise enough to know that she can only be herself and to try to be anyone else (including your ex) would be unwise and wrong.

You are treating her incredibly rudely and hurtfully, and she is taking it in her stride. You know you are being incredibly disrespectful and deep down you feel awful about it. Things would have been so much easier had your ex not been so ground-tremblingly wonderful.

The thing is, you are still with her. Ok, the passion and the glory isnt quite the same, but then nothing was going to stand up against your ex, and as I've said before, comparisons are unfair.

The fact is, you've put a pretty decent run together. Better in fact than anyone else, other than your ex.

For all your restlessness and nonplussedness, you are still together and there are tiny little flashes. You cannot put your finger on them, but you'd probably pay more attention to them if you were over your ex properly. Sunday was a classic example. You expected nothing, were fully prepared for another anaemic, limp attempt at recreating what you had with your ex, and your girlfriend came through big time. Honestly, if she had not, you probably would have dumped her on the spot. She hasnt really rocked your world too often since she came into your life, but Sunday was definitely a huge improvement. Credit where its due.

Of course all it serves to do is to make you realise how unfair and unpleasant you've been to her. Its blindingly obvious that she doesnt have a prayer, not a tiny sliver of a chance, until you deal with your ex. You seriously need to get over this, because it will destroy things for a long time to come. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be, and the more cruel you are being to your girlfriend.

So what lies ahead?

Maybe you and her will not make it. Its likely that you will end up splitting sooner rather than later and go your separate ways. But then, a few more moments like she conjured up out of nowhere on Sunday will make you regard her a lot more fondly. I dont think she needs or expects your love right now, but you do seriously need to get over your ex. She isnt coming back. She'll never come back. You have to accept that. F*cking deal with it!

Saying your ex's name out loud on Sunday was bang-out-of-order. Frankly, you are lucky she didnt walk out there and then. Her grace and patience in dealing with your impossibly high standards and utter lack of class and discretion should be admired even more so than what she did on Sunday.

She may not make it, but at least give her the courtesy of trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and just be fair to her. Thats all she wants, and right now, you are not giving her even that. She certainly deserves better.

I've been incredibly harsh on Avram Grant, and have myself been guilty of some daft daydreams that Jose might come back. I did not really realise how unfair I was being to Grant until I had to listen to a mate of mine who is not into football bang on about being in the exact same situation as I described above, only with a real girl who has done nothing wrong, but he is being hugely unfair to. I told him to stop being a tw*t and to grow up - you should just not treat anyone like that. I heard the fans booing Grant on Saunday and then chant Jose's name and it all dawned on me. We pride ourselves as the best football fans there are, but this was embarassing. We hardly covered ourselves in glory there, it must be said.

So, unlikely as it may be that he does read this, I would like to apologise to Avram Grant for my behaviour in recent weeks, for the reasons detailed above. Whether it works out with him in charge is completely by the by - he's the guy in charge and although he's made mistakes, he's conducted himself with remarkable dignity and class given the awful things people have been saying about him, me included. It may not work out, but he deserves our respect and our gratitude for what he's acheived this season.

I wont be publishing that Lippi/Zola piece I have written down until the end of the season.

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Hey great find chippy. happy0034.gif

And I think the poster put it very well indeed.

Mixed up feelings, trying to be decent but often failing and knowing that you are, not really thinking you've got a cat in hell's chance of it working out with your current love because they just can't possibly compete with the "whoah!" of the ex that went before no matter how unfair and silly it is to compare.

Nice analogy I bet a lot of people have been there in real life!

I'm still missing the ex too I admit it but you've got move on and see if you can make it work with your current love. Although I'll never forget our charismatic latin lovely now lapping up the sunshine abroad - lucky devil.

Right better go off and make Avram his Ovaltine before he heads off for bed. icon_wink.gif

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Thats just plain brilliant

icon_lol.gif I find it useless. This is Chelsea Football Club not an episode of Jeremy Kyle

It's an analogy, of course its not 100% accurate, I mean, did anyone here really choose Avram Grant as their boyfriend/girlfriend/ideal manager (bar Callista)?. But it's well written and makes an interesting point (regardless of whether you subscribe to the theory).

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