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Forget the nerves - online sing song?


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I can't wait to get over there now!!!!!!!!!!!

C'MON Chelsea

If Terry wants noise...he'll get it from me!!!!!!!!!

They cut the grass

They'll kick your fu*king arse

Chelsea staff, Chelsea staff........

In your Liverpool slums...(you know the rest)

Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league.........

You rob you own fans

You rob you own fa-aaa-ansss

In Liverpool - you rob your own fans......

Murderer's....murderer's ( to their tune of Liverpoool Liverpoool)

same tune......

Liverpool win f**k all.....Liverpool win f**k all......

Lets have these C*NTS!!!!!!!


Lets all have a bit of confidence - Manu couldn't handle the place at the weekend - f**k the Kop - We are the chelsea and we are the best!!!!!!!!!

MH and Shed do your job


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Cundy: Much has been made of the Anfield atmposphere, but the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge against Manchester United was electric. I'm expecting the same tonight - the fans can be that little bit of an extra incentive, and that's why Chelsea will go through.



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I'm on my third whisky and dry and blasting old Bowie out of my PC - always a sign that I'm happy.

I don't like whiskey very much, but excellent choice of music. I think I'll have to put on some old Bowie myself. Diamond Dogs should do the trick! And then maybe crack open a beer... 431.gif

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Well said Bluenut!! Hope our fans inspire our boys, think they did Saturday as we were loud and proud and played them off the park. Man Utd are better than the scum no question, but a lot of luck takes you far, we've got to cut out their luck tonight and book our place the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL!!!!

Come on you f**king beautiful blues!!!

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Went to sleep last night, and before I woke up this morning I had 3 dreams about the match. Cannot get it out of my head even when I sleep. Anyway, in all 3 of them we were celebrating, so...

Caaaaaaarefreeeeeee... wherever you may beeeeeeee...

Come on Chelsea!

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Went to sleep last night, and before I woke up this morning I had 3 dreams about the match.

I've once seen a dream about a Chelsea match which felt so real that I remember thinking as I woke that "that was an awesome match!", as if I'd been watching a real match. It was against Crystal Palace and they went ahead twice(ok, unlikely, but it did feel very real), but we always equalised and in the dying moments of the match we scored the winner! I'd like to watch more football matches in my dreams. icon_lol.gif

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