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I can't say this group of players, as there have been a fair few transfers in the last 4 seasons, but, many players in the current side, have battled their way to the semifinal and fallen short at the last moment. There have been ghost goals, red cards, disallowed goals, speculation, confusion, intense media scrutiny on the 'special one' and sometimes even the 'special few'; but this season, against all odds, in spite of having to recover from the unpopular departure of the majority's beloved coach, of having to work under an unknown name, of having to deal with training ground mishaps, family tragedies, a cup final loss and much, much more; this side has shown character, determination, endurance and togetherness and has reached its first European Final. Bravo!

The management has been in question, even before Jose left. The management in the office has been criticized, does Kenyon know what he's doing? Does Roman have any clue about football? No he doesn't, he just sacked the greatest manager Chelsea ever had!! Does Avram know football? Better yet, who is Avram? Ten Cate? Why is Steve Clark in a training jersey when Ten Cate and Avram are in suits? Where has this new duo come from and why do we not have a recognized name? Yes he lost the plot against Spurs in the Final. Yes he lost away to United and Arsenal. Yes he lost all the big games, until United at home. But, he has shown patience, he has not let the pressure get to him, and, unbelievably he has guided this team to the Champions league Final, has kept this team in the running for the title (where an experienced big name manager in Wenger, with a super talented squad, saw his club tumble down the stairs) and let's not forget that we were in the Cup final. Respect where respect is due, credit where credit is due. Well done Avram, Clark and Ten Cate.

Frank Lampard. I don't know where to begin. A midfielder who scores 20+ goals a season. A player who breathes the blue color which paints the club. A player who has lost his mother, come back into the side and shown last night that on big nights big players step up to the plate, and he is truly one of the best midfielder s in Europe. No one knows whats going on with his contract. He has said time and again that he wants to stay. The club has said time and again that they want him to stay. Whats clear is that he is yet to sign. I guess only time will tell.

It's a great day, it's a great result.

Carefree - wherever you may be.


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