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Player Ratings

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A brilliant night supporting the greatest team in the world.

The ratings are out of 11, Spinal Tap style.

Cech - 7 - Some good saves but that's his job. Appalling lack of concentration for the goal. I love the guy but he's a shadow of his former self and it's becoming the elephant in the room.

A Cole - 9 - I don't hate him as much as I used to. It's really annoying.

Terry - 9 - O Captain My Captain

Carvalho - 8 - Plays the game on his a rse better than anyone I have ever seen. But showed with the goal the dangers of a centre half gambling and getting it wrong.

Essien - 10 - One of the 2 truly great modern footballers on our team. A force of nature, athletic, powerful, with a frightening intensity and an immense engine.

Lampard - 10 - Passed the ball really well and kept an excellent shape the whole game. The new haircut makes him look less fat which can only be a good thing. I couldn't believe he stepped up for the penalty and he took it brilliantly. An incredibly emotional moment which would have reduced me to tears if I was a big girl like John Terry.

Ballack - 9 - Worked hard, covered loads of ground, and hit some nice passes. Didn't quite dominate the way he did against United which is probably due to Lampard being in the team.

J Cole - 7 - Got on the ball a lot and linked well with Essien. Just not creating much at the moment which is the reason he's on the team.

Kalou - 7 - Difficult to see what he brings to the team. Should really be playing for Everton.

Makalele - 9 - Subdued St Stevie well and used the ball better than of late as well.

Drogba - 10 - MOM. The difference between the teams. The ultimate modern footballer. I hope he finishes his career with us as I'd hate to play against him. The best there has ever been at what he does.

Grant - 10 - Conducted himself perfectly in the build up to the match. Refused to be goaded by fat Rafa. For some reason he doesn't seem to feel the need to take the pressure of the players. He must feel as if they can handle it. Picked the right team and made the right substitutions at the right time. Can his incredible luck last another 3 games?

Officials - 10 - Got all the big decisions right.

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Officials 10? Essien's strike was a goal, it would be in the Premiership and any other league. That said, who cares now? 247.gif

I wouldn't rate Joe and Petr the same, yeah Cech flapped, but he kept us in the 1st leg and yesterday's match... Joe was absent, didn't really provide anything. Dare I say Malouda provided more? Okay that's going a bit too far but it was another disappointing performance from our Joe.

Saving it up for the final? Let's hope so.

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Dare I say Malouda provided more?

No you bloody don't dare!!!!!

Joe has been off form for some time - since the epic Spurs 4-4. He was awesome that night but hasn't reached the same levels since. Coinciding with him getting his hair cut icon_eek.gif (thankfully didn't have the same effect on Lamps).

As per Liams marks, I think he still contributed, but it was really just simple little one-twos with Essien - keeping things moving and a lot of tracking back / tackling, which he isn't in the team for - he should be our creative outlet like Messi the other night (who had little if no defensive responsibilities).

Bit of a worry as we need more form him in the final, but he's still a better option than SWP or Malouda.

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