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The Snarling Dog has just said he'd like to move to the Premiership. He's 30 years old, born January 1978. He's been playing top flight football since 1994 (Perugia, Rangers, Salernitana & Milan).

Maka is 35 years old, born February 1973. He's been playing top flight since 1992 (Nantes, Merseille, Celta Vigo, Madrid, CFC).

Gattuso is not a straight out swap for Maka, as Gattuso is more of an advanced midfielder who can attack and pick out passes. But he might be an interesting replacement if we are looking to transition from a central midfield holding style with long balls to lone strikers, with a more free flowing style with diagonal passes and multi-faceted strikers. Gattuso would allow us to employ a defensive minded midfielder who is our resident hard man while also gaining some offensive capabilities.

I know a few years ago he was linked to ManUtd, sort of a Paul Scholes replacement, but I wonder how they feel long term about Hargreaves filling that slot.

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Absolutely no need for him. Even if Maka retires we still have Mikel, Essien, Ballack and Lampard who are central midfielders. What would be the point in bringing in a player the wrong side of 30 to keep Mikel out of the first team.

It is wingers and creative players we need, not another bundle of energy

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i guess you all are right, even if we put Maka out to pasture, and even if Lampard leaves, we'll have Essien and Mikel for that role, with Ballack our other central midfielder and assumedly a creative type (Kaka, Van der Vaart) to replace Lamps.

it's my Italian blood that would just love to see an Azzurri at Stamford Bridge once again . . .

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great palyer in his day, and full of passion and fire, but I really don't think we need him. A few years ago I would have snapped at the chance, but we already are more than covered in that area

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