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Looking good Pete

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Doesn't look bad on his tall, slender frame... but if Tottenham were to adopt the same colour, Robinson would just look like a giant orange.

I like how he has his name on his gloves too, if c-Hunt knees him or Ben Haim comes flying in again, at least when he comes round he'll be reminded of what his name is.

EDIT: Doh, maybe a mod could move this to the new kit thread? Ta

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having a mental kit like that is a really good idea - the sheer brightness of it will make him seem much larger than he is as the strikers vision will be taken up by the glare. theyll find it hard not to look at him.

also, the boys on our side will always have a slightly better idea of his movements when the box becomes busy, helping us out in the process.

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icon_lol.gif Brilliant.

So Pete chose the color. Jose didn't like bright colors on keepers but now that we have doormat-avram players make the choices.

I guess it takes a special talent to turn any piece of information into something negative. 317.gif

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