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Uefa consider Terry probe


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A final kick in the teeth for good measure...

John Terry's miserable week might just be about to get worse after Uefa confirmed an investigation may be launched into whether he spat at Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez.

Chelsea captain Terry has denied accusations that he acted inappropriately in the melee that eventually led to Didier Drogba's dismissal in Wednesday night's Champions League final.

Terry was left devastated at the final whistle in Moscow after he missed a penalty in the shoot-out that would have crowned Chelsea champions, before Edwin van der Sar emerged as United's hero in saving Nicolas Anelka's sudden death effort.

A Uefa spokesman confirmed they had received the referee's report but were still waiting for the delegate to supply his. If the incident is not included in either report, then the ruling body may resort to examining television footage of the alleged incident before deciding on what action, if any, to take.

"The delegate's report should be in later today. We have received the referee's report but I cannot tell you what was mentioned in it," said the spokesman.

"At the moment there is nothing further to add."

Will the referee write in his report how red nose approached him off the pitch just before the second half, and tell us all what was said or offered ?

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was thinking the same thing coco. if jose had done what that red nosed clown had done he and the club would have been hammered. yet on wednesday andy gray was laughing about it. if a chelsea player or official does something wrong then hes rightly punished but normally villified ridiculously. fergie or anyone at utd do something hardly anything is said. llok at what the w**kers did at the bridge. weve barely heard anything about it. its the hypocrisy and double standards that piss me off.

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The supposed spitting happened inches from the ref, who saw nothing. TV pictures show nothing other than JT rubbing his nos in his own sleeve and seeming to mouth some abuse at Tevez.

If anyone's seen any footage that actually shows JT spitting please let me know. I've watched it on slow-mo on Sky + which is miles better quality than any clips on the net and I can't see anything.

I am genuinely disturbed at the number of posters on sites I've been on who claim to see soemthing in the footage, because either there is wilful self-delusion on a massive scale, inspired by a witch-hunt against JT, or I have serious denial issues and appalling eyesight.

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ive watched it on several different medias (sky, youtube etc..) and can tell you he definately didnt spit on him. he gave him abuse, and rightly so in. the people swearing that he did spit on him have convinced themselves through their hatred/jealousy of JT and chelsea. their is no convincing evidence and this will blow over. just ignore the five knuckle shufflers.

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Looks to me like he's blowing his nose. Certainly nothing conclusive on spitting. People are just seeing what they want to see.

Has Rio been punished for kicking a female steward at the Bridge yet? Or has Fergie been punished for his post-match comments about the ref? I didn't think so. icon_rolleyes.gif

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Watched the video about 4 times, even though I knew JT wouldn't spit at him, just wanted to see if there was anything people could make of it - and there isn't.

It again just looks like a hate campaign, and UEFA need something to talk to Chelsea about, as it wouldn't be routine for them if they didn't (Match fixing c**ts)

Anyway, people will know JT uses his sleeve to wipe his face, which is what he does here (also giving a few little words to Tevez at the same time)

No doubt about it, Tevez touches the back of his own neck a few seconds later, but it's actually the Ref's whistle/Card that Tevez feels and touches his neck as he is unaware the ref was behind him.



If anything is made out of this against JT and Chelsea by UEFA, it would be criminal!

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