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Five people you want to stay, and five people you don't.


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Five I'd like to stay the most:

1. John Terry

2. Frank Lampard

3. Roman Abramovich

4. Steve Clarke

5. Michael Essien

(honorary mentions go to Carvalho and Shevchenko, very hard for me to leave them out)

Five people I'd like to see the back of:

1. Peter Kenyon

2. Nicholas Anelka

3. Umm... Can I just repeat #1 a few times?! :-)

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To Stay






No need to mention JT theres no doubt he's staying

Also i would love Clarke to stay but if he leaves to be a manager somewhere i wouldnt hold it against him

To Go

1.Anelka - didn't particularly want him and he's been pants so far (albeit the majority of the time he's been out of position



4.Ben Haim

5.SWP - he's had more than enough oppertunities to prove himself

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To stay:

1. Steve Clarke - our heritage

2. John Terry - our captain

3. Frank Lampard - our soul

4. Michael Ballack - our pedigree

5. Michael Essien - our heart

To go:

1. Didier Drogba - c**t

2. Peter Kenyon - c**t

3. Sheva - emblematic of 'the stupid years' at CFC (we're going to be a proper club next season)

4. Anelka - nearly a c**t

5. Ten Kate - no idea what you do but I'm sure it gets right up Clarkey's nose

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Cech- the best

Terry-our Lion

Essien- our engine

Ballack- he's great

Kalou- our future

and Percy


Drogba- thanks, but go and be exposed

SWP- time to move on

Sidwell- no more than cover for ACN

Anelka- see sidwell (this is more a thought of who I feel will leave, I'd like to see him given a chance)

Sheva- our circus ring leader

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To Stay

1.Abramovich - People forget how much he has done for us.

2.Cech - Best keeper I've seen at the Bridge. And my days go back to the Cat

3.Essien - Played all over the shop, never heard him complain and always nods when JT shouts at him...I like that! happy0034.gif

4.Carvalho He is the glue that holds that defence together

5. JT Just keep him away from the pens... sadwalk.gifChElSea2.gif

To Go

1. Drogba Look just go you big mouthed twat

2. Pizarro Slow lumbering muppet who has never inspired ANY confidence

3. Anelka What is it with attacking players we get from France putting us down in the media?

4. Malouda *see above*

5. Ben Haim Slow lumbering klutz who broke Cech's face..gercha!

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Let the names tell you which list is which.

1. Terry

2. Lampard

3. Essien

4. Ballack

5. Cech

1. Sidwell - relegation battle quality

2. Ben Haim - don't know what to say about him but want him out

3. SWP - hate to see him sitting on our bench with no chelsea future

4. Shevchenko - hate to see true class go to waste

5. Don't know really..

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1. Roman, obviously

2. JT

3. Clarkie

4. Frank

5. Cech/Essien. Ok, I cheated

HM: Carlo, Joey, Maka


1. Pizarro. Cant believe I thought he would be good

2. Drogba. The honeymoon is over

3. Tal Ben Haim. Yikes

4. Steve Sidwell. Thanks for signing last summer and for the 5 million, good luck at Villa

5. Florent Malouda

HM: Anelka, though I might give him a second chance, and SWP

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In true politician fashion I'm going to answer a different question. Below is the current squad list. I have split them in to different categories based on how I see their role at the club.

Key first team members - These are quite easy. I don't think too many would argue about these players on playing grounds alone.

1 Petr Cech

3 Ashley Cole

5 Michael Essien

6 Ricardo Carvalho

8 Frank Lampard

11 Didier Drogba

12 John Mikel Obi

13 Michael Ballack

26 John Terry

Back up first team squad members

23 Carlo Cudicini - will remain our back up to Cech for as long as he wants to stay.

40 Henrique Hilario - best number three in the world!

4 Claude Makelele - Probably won't play too much but great to have in reserve.

15 Florent Malouda - if he stays then I'd give him one more season to show that he can apply his undoubted talent and earn a spot in the first team list.

18 Wayne Bridge - for me, the argument over who is first choice at left back is well and truly over. Should still get 30 or so starts over the season.

20 Paulo Ferreira - If the new kid, Bosingwa is good then Paulo will provide solid back up.

21 Salomon Kalou - still raw but showing signs that he could make it.

10 Joe Cole - he just disappeared at the sharp end of the season and I think he will struggle to get in to the team under a new manager if we buy some pace out wide. Was tempted to put him in the Time to move on category.

33 Alex - as good a back up centre half as you will get.

?? Branislav Ivanovic - hard to see him jumping past the other three centre halves. If he does then he will be one hell of a player.

Time to move on

7 Andriy Shevchenko - had a chance to do something this season but was injured when it mattered most.

9 Steve Sidwell - only bought because of the Jose/Roman spat. Not good enough.

14 Claudio Pizarro - another who came on a free because of the in fighting. Not good enough.

22 Tal Ben-Haim - ditto

24 Shaun Wright-Phillips - 10/10 for effort and persistence but time to go and find another club where he can rebuild his career.

27 Ben Sahar - never going to be good enough.

35 Juliano Belletti - started so well for us, but we then saw his defensive and mental frailties in the CC Final and he has not been the same since.

39 Nicolas Anelka - came in January, looked promising but never really coped with the lone striker role. Went in to a sulk when he wasn't picked regularly and let us down in the CL Final by refusing to take a penalty for pathetic, selfish reasons.

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Terry (Still Mr Chelsea for me)

Cech (The best in the business)

Carvalho (With JT fit, together they will again rule the World)

Ballack (Will become Europes top central midfielder again next season)

Lampard ( Another Blues legend, we just cannot seem to do without)


Drogba (Sick to death of the cheating, diving prat)

Ben Haim (Never ever good enough for the blue shirt)

Sidwell (Championship class player who just happened to be free)

Ten Cate (Convinced that he is a nasty piece of work)

Malouda (Over-rated & French)

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1. John Terry = Our captain, our blood sweat and tears.

2. Ricardo Carvalho = Oozes class. Most consistan player we have and when him and JT are fit they are undoubtabley the best partnership in world football.

3. Frank Lampard = Chelsea legend, Loves the club and we love him. 20+ goals a season we can't afford to lose.

4. Cech = Best in the buisness, plain and simple.

5. Ashley Cole = Difficult first season but IMO been one of our best and most consistant players this season, can't think of a better left back.


1. Drogba = Had enough, hes not a football player hes a circus freak. Idolised him last season just like every Chelsea fan, cut down on the diving and started to become a player but has went back three years, just go.

2. Anelka = Had high hopes but not the player I thought he was, taking up space in the squad that I would rather see go to a new striker.

3. SWP = Had his chance, hasn't delivered. To give him anymore time would just be a kick in the teeth to other members of our squad or the youngsters.

4. Ben Haim = Not good enough.

5. Pizzaro = Not good enough.

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1. JT and Frank tie for first place

2. Petr Cech

3. Carvalho

4. Kalou - (to make a point that I strongly disagree that we need to get rid)

5. Ashey Cole - I think I was the first here to give him a MOTM award?


1. Kenyon. Do I have to say why?

2. Pizarro. Was never up to it, even as emergency backup.

3. SWP. Had far more than enough chances

4. Sidwell and TBH, equal 4th and 5th spot, equally unnecessary in the first place, equally surplus to requirements.

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To Stay

1. Frank Lampard

2. John Terry

3. Maka - I want him to give us one more season

4. Rica - We need him and JT next season together

5. Ten Cate - Hope he doesn't get shifted off, can really see him becoming an influencial member of our staff.

To go

1. Drogba - Had some good games for us but this season you've pissed me off more than you've made me like you.

2. Pizzaro

3. Gael Kakuta - (Loan 247.gif )

4. SWP - Needs a new club and first team football

5. Malouda - Simply hasen't made an impression.

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5 to Stay (in order of how much of an impact it would have on the club if they left right now):

1. Terry - enough said. Would rip the soul out of the club.

2. Roman - financially, would still be in a hell of a lot of trouble if he left right now

3. Drogba - as much as a lot of you hate him, if he goes, our entire playing system of the last 4 years has to change.

4. Cech - couldn't get a better keeper in the world no matter how much money we threw around

5. Lampard - Essien and Ballack could do his midfield duties quite well if he left, but could they score the goals?

5 to Go - i can't really bring myself to list them in any kind of order, but if Sidwell, Pizarro, Ben Haim, Hilario and Shevchenko all put in transfer requests today, then I don't think we would have all that much trouble replacing them.

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