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Club Management Vs International Management ?


Which is more difficult to achieve success at ?  

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    • Club Managment.
    • International Managment.

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Club Management Vs International Management.

Which is more difficult to achieve success at, club management or international management ?

Take into account the following.

1. In international football the managers have very little time to work with thier players.

2. International managers have a much smaller pool of players to select from.

3. Club managers have the chance to win at least 4 tournaments per year.

4. International managers have the chance to win 1 tournament every 2 years.

5. Club managers have a big advantage when backed by a billionaire owner.

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For all those reasons, top level club football is played at a higher standard meaning to me, club football is harder.

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I think the two things are so different that it is almost not possible to compare them however if I had to plump for one then it would be international management due to the fact that you get so little time with your players and when you do bring them together you are having to manage a squad of players coming in form clubs that are playing different styles and formations week in week out at club level. Thus an international manager has to compromise his own style/tactics in order to find the best possible option from the group of players available to him.

A club manager has more opportunity to build a team into his preferred style and, especially at bigger clubs, buy in players almost ready made for his tactics.

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I think there are "easy" and "hard" aspects of either challenge. Yeah you only get a short time with players, but you really shouldn't need much in getting them psyched about playing. If you don't look passionate, there are others we can replace you with.

Club management, I think you are under the microscope a bit more, and you have to deal with palyers, and the press day in and day out trying to keep everyone happy

Just look at McLeish. Had a good spell with the scottish side including wins twice over France, and a decent game in Italy. Then he leaves his post, and goes to Birmingham and is subsequently relegated. Also, in club management, you have a budget and it's not easy to attract top talent to your club unless you can afford it. On the other hand, all talent should want to play for their country, and there aren't play wages to worry about either!


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