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Should I stay or should I go?


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I think Drogs will go, Carvs will stay (now), and Lampaard is still deciding. one person I think could be a huge decider on whether Lampard stays or not, is Terry.


I agree.. just posted on another thread as well, if we would have won the Champions League then it might have been a different story because he would have achieved everything with Chelsea. I think JT and Lamps have a huge desire for this trophy and which club has looked most likely to win it in recent years ? ... just F***** unlucky thats all.

I reckon Carvalho will stay now. I reckon Drogs will still go though.. he wont like the style of Scolari in my opinion, you can see Scolari not putting up with his pain thresh hold.

But I also think that Scolari will bring in a couple of big names.. this might put a different complextion on the matter for one or two. But like Grant I don't htink he will make huge changes.

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I'm not sure that there was ever going to be a huge turnover of players anyway. Obviously, Drogba has always looked to be on his way out and no doubt some of the fringe players may have wanted to move on but most of the rest was just speculation. Whether Scolari's appointment will make a difference to any players who were thinking about a move depends on who else he is wanting to bring in. Defensively and in midfield we havea very strong squad and if Lamps stays then it is hard to see where any new player would fit. It is wide and up front that we need to address some issues. If Drogba goes then we will be desperately short of quality and we are already weak with the wide players.

We need two quality strikers and two quality and pacy wide players.

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Just wondering with all the talk of who is coming in who everyone thinks is going or more to the point who you want to see the back of eg sidwell, ben hiam,pizarro,belletti,sheva. they are just imo but what does everyone else think

The ones I don't mind leaving are 1.Sidwell 2.BenHaim.

I don't mind keeping Pizza,Belletti and Sheva. Unlike everyone/most here I think Pizarro is quality but not given the chance to shine and he goes to the same category with Anelka; played out of position.

I'm hoping Scolari is better in using qualities of players than JM and Grant.

...But we got too large squad anyway so someone good has to leave no matter what.

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I just wish we had signed Villa back in January..and next season we can't rely on the midfield scoring the goals, strikers need to contribute something. At least we saw how we'd cope without Drogba and we did well, but his spot must be filled if/when he decides to leave. Lampard is a great scoring goal scoring midfielder, but now with Inter voicing that they want Lampard, it's sort of the ronaldo to madrid saga. If he goes the team will be affected but it's a new opportunity for Lamps even though all us fans would be pretty sad at his departure.

To me, if we see key players leave, I want to see a credible signing with real potential to help chelsea achieve success. I don't want singings like Sidwell last season to appear again this season, and I'm still wondering why the heck did we sign him!

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i think didi wont leave now because he can see whats goin to happen at the club now. i think we will bring in some world class players to go with the ones we already have and drog now wants to be part of that. hopefully that will stop his moaning as for rici i dont know. i know big phil will try and convince him to stay but i think speaking out against the clubs hirachy is maybe looking for a way out! i dont disagree with what he said but i think to make that public is maybe an easy way of making a move on..hope im wrong tho. i also hope sidwell pizarro big ben and sheva move on and would def like to see kaka and a few others brought to the fortress

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I don't think there will be some huge turnover of players, I never thought there would be even when Jose got a job.

Riccy will stay, he is settled and with Scholari now in place any minor doubts he may have had are gone.

Drogba despite his recent words will go - the club want him to leave I think.

Lampard is still thinking about it.

The likes of Sidwell, Malouda, Pizarro will move on but they would have done so in any case.

Sheva is too costly to get rid of.

SWP may also go but that depends on who they get in.

I think Scholari if he's sensible will not flood the team with new players but just get two or three quality ones.

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