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How To Embed / Upload Images To Posts

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There seems some confusion of embedding images into posts on this board, so here's a quick demo of how to.

I might of confused it a little, by adding another image embed bbcode, but taken that off now.

To embed into a post via a URL (photobucket, google, etc)

Click the 2nd box along to the right of the emoticon/smilie box.


A pop-up appears to paste in the URL of the image, paste that in there.


Ok on that button, will put that image into the post, you can move it down if you want to add text above, etc


You can hit the preview button below before posting your post/image to make sure it's there.


To embed into a post via uploading to The Shed End

You can also add your picture direct to the site, but be aware that we have a total upload limit set on this, so over time some older attachment images will be deleted.

To embed via uploading here, hit the bowse button under the posting screen, then select the image on your computer to upload. Once that appears in the box beside the Browse, hit the Green upload button.


Once this has uploaded, the number of uploaded images will appear in the dropdown above upload, click that arrow on dropdown, and click on the text of the picture.


Once the filename has been clicked (there are extra optional icons beside the filename), the attachment will appear on the posting screen.


Again, you can move this line down if you want to post text above, but keep that line(s) intact.

Hit preview to see, and post to submit.

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Mod - when I do all that with photobucket, this is the message I am given.

I went into photobucket, copied the IMG addess of the photo I wanted, then clicked on the wee picture 2 to the right of the smilies, then on OK. The address copied oout but when I clicked ADD REPLY, it gave me this message:

You have entered a link to a website that the administrator does not allow links to.

Have I done something wrong, or is being temperamental!

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It's OK, it has worked - I just copied the link straight into the reply box, without using the wee box to the right of the smiles. AS soon as I clicked Add Reply, the photo came out. It's in the Find Me a Picture thread.

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yea, you can do it that way by already having the tags straight from photobucket and not using that pop up. Maybe I should have worded the post different, and used that just for other image url's.

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