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So Bored!


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season is light years away and we dont seem to actually be in for any one. robino seems no more than postioring on the players part. i dont think any thing has been said by the club.. we still have a squad of about 30 and by the way tal ben haim is still here

good news is that franco seems to be training with the first team but other than that very boring summer so far!

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I think the next few weeks could see a good bit of turnover. Once Lamps and Drogba make up their bloody minds, then the dominoes will definitely fall.

Add to that the fact that the Ronaldo saga might impact Robinho, van der Vaart, Arshavin and countless others, and I think you will see some movement once that goes down.

but safe to say I think TBH and Pizzarro's days are up at this club. Thank god. I hope Anelka, SWP and Malouda end up joining them

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our first game of pre season is next wednesday at 1pm.

If only some of us aren't working!! Last years the game were 2-3 a.m., now they are during working hours.

Why, oh why, can't we just invite teams to come to the Bridge and play games in the afternoons? ;)

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Here's the schedule for the friendlies shown on Chelsea TV:

July 23rd - Chelsea v Guangzhou Pharmaceutical (Kick-off at 1pm)

July 26th - Chelsea v Chengdu Blades (Kick-off at 1pm)

July 29th - Chelsea v Malaysian Super League (Kick-off at 1.45)

August 1st /3rd - Russian Railways tournament games (including AC Milan and Sevilla)

Not sure what times the russian ones are on, and I'm taking it the Malaysian one is 1:45am GMT?

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Bored again... the robinio thing has died out, goofy has gone to milan and now the press seem to have given up as well, this is posibly the most boring close season ever!!

I think part of the reason for the boredom is that (for a change) the club management seem to be playing their cards pretty close to their chests when it comes to new signings.

So far, the press was completely unaware of the deals for Scolari, Bosingwa and Deco before they were completely sewn up.

It would not surprise me at all if, completely out of the blue, I read in tomorrows papers that we have signed Kaka or someone like that.

It might not be as entertaining as the Gallas-Ashley Cole sagas of previous summers, where the press were fully aware of every twist and turn, but it is the way I prefer that we do things as a club.

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