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This Is What I Want To See Next Season.


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Just amazing. Amazing.

Things I'd like to see return from that in the forthcoming season:

- Brilliant attacking football.

- Petr Cech. Some of those saves were really, really incredible. More of that please Pete, less of last season.

- John Terry's goals. It's been a while, but this video shows how he used to come up with goals at the most crucial of times.

- Eidur Gudjohnson. ;-)

On a side note, that Carvalho tackle at 4:29 is unbelievable, one of the best tackles I've ever seen :)

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Its funny, Blize, but I was just reliving this match in some clips at work myself. Brilliant brilliant night it was and I can never convey the enormity of the goals and incidents to friends. Its only something video does justice to.

Anyway, I agree with you, and feel that team was, right now, superior to the team we have. JT has lost a bit since then, especially with his offense, and Cech was blinding his first two years at Chelsea.

Also, i will never understand why we sold Eidur or Duffer. Duff was often injured which was a shame, but I think this mentality crept in when they left that we had a god given right to have a world class player at every starting position. Looking now, at our strikers and wingers, I would take a fit Duff and Eidur over all of them bar Drogba. To say nothing of the fact that they were both incredible club servants and true blues. :)

Watching a video like this demonstrates how potent we could be when we had threats at every position. It seems these day that our wing options are toothless, and outside of Drogba we dont have a striker worth a damn these days. I cant help but feel like we have taken a step back

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We could really do with a strike partnership to match JFH & Eidur. Together, they were a force to be reckoned with.

Drogba & Anelka? If you thikn about it, they're not dis-similar to JFH & Eidur.

Drogs = Powerful, JFH = Powerful

Anelka = Good skill (when he wants) Eidur = Good skill

Come to think of it, Drogba & Eidur were a pretty decent partnership aswell.

Anyone fancy starting a campaign to bring Eidur back?

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Has he been doing much lately, Eidur that is? He was, and still is, one of my favourite all time Chelsea players. However, if we brought him back, when he's been playing very little, and took the place of someone like Kalou or Di Santo, then I'm afraid that would be foolish

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This Is What I Want To See Next Season.......

What I want to see, it’s us retain our grit, determination and never give up attitude that has characterised us in the past years and just add a spark of creativity to open up teams rather than rely on our defensive strength. In short not the Portugal we saw at Euro 2008 who for all their attacking play crumbled the first time they came across a decent team with some tactical awareness.

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