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How To Have/upload Avatars

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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To add an Avatar from The Shed End Avatar Gallery

To add an avatar from the large amount of Avatar's here at The Shed End,

1. First login and click 'My Controls' at the top of the forum

Then on the left menu, look down to 'Personal Profile' and click 'Edit Avatar Settings'


2. On the next screen you will see the Avatar Control panel.

To select an avatar from The Shed End Avatars, look at Pre-installed Avatars, click a category in the dropdown menu.

There are selections from Animated to Tux, including a Chelsea category, choose category to select or to browse, and click GO


3. Once you have chosen category, click on the selected Avatar (in the checkbox underneath), then hit the 'use selected Avatar' at the bottom of the page.


Your selected avatar will now appear within posts, profile and PM's.

To add an Avatar from your computer or another website

To upload your avatar or to use an avatar hosted elsewhere, first follow instructions for number 1 above.

1. Look down to 'Your image avatars'. To select a website to use an avatar, whether it be on photobucket or another forum, add the URL of the image in the box. Photobucket will supply the URL after upload, or if using from another forum, right click the avatar, click properties, and copy the avatar URL from that.

If uploading from your computer: Click Browse, and select the avatar from your folder.


Once either have been filled in, click 'Update Avatar', and your image will upload/or link to avatar elsewhere.

There are limitations in place in terms of filesize or picture size, so try not to make it too big, or it won't work.

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