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Wow, This Man's Levels Sink To A New Low


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The main quote:

"I get blamed for everything, for global warming to high petrol prices,"

I'm sorry, are we supposed to laugh? Pity you? Feel sorry for you...? Well, you have my pity, but only because you are an utterly sad human being. He throws huffy puffy fits after every match, sulks on the field and cries when he doesn't get everything his own way. Seriously, why make comments like that? It's not even Jose-Funny.

I hope to God Scolari has his punching fists on when the scum suckers come to the beloved Bridge.

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The whole thing is a farce as he is playing the role of victim when it is he who has used the press as a megaphone all summer to trumpet (as one blogger put it) "I AM RAFA BENITEZ: GIVE ME YOUR PLAYERS". He got away with it at Spineless Hotspur with that fool Levy, but he wont get away with it at Villa who actually have a sense of decency and pride.

And they have been rewarded for their refusal. Barry acted like a prat, came crawling back, and ONeill let bygones by bygones. Come opening day they destroy Man City with Barry as a key cog in the attack.

Meanwhile, Benitez is left with a young, brilliant player in Alonso looking for a way out of a club where he isnt wanted. Someone shouldve told Rafa that form is temporary but class is permanent. Alonso is 26 and will surely get back to his best. But i'd wager alot that it wont be on Merseyside

Rafa's got egg all over his face on this one. If they struggle for a few more results like they have scraped so far, the Americans running that club will not hesitate to pull the plug, as they have demonstrated in the past.

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