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Scotland V Northern Ireland


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Not a huge deal, but will be good to see these teams face off against each other. At least something to keep Myself, Gusty, Mooch, Goose and any other amused while the majority of the site will be watching the England game

"We're not Brazil we're Northern Ireland"

"We hate coca cola, we hate fanta too. Coz we are the TARTAN ARMY and we drink Irn Bru"

Scott :lol:

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Jesus I couldn't keep up with half the substitutions that were made, but that Commons looks like a good player for the Scottish. Also, a great penalty save. Felt the red card for Norn Iron was dubious at best. Had to watch the game in a celtic room called "tic talk" was full of celtic, leeds and scoucers...and then a couple CHelsea and a ton of Rangers....the banter was unreal


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