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Anyone know how Fabio Paim done when coming on, just want to know what sort of player he is.

Held off two men and hit a thirty-thirty-five cross ball to Stoch's feet who squared for Woods to tap in. Looks like he's got a bit to learn about the "English game" though. Scott Sinclair look far to good for this standard, should be banging hard on the door now. Stoch and Bridcutt need to go out on loan. Reckon Bridcutt is going to be something special. Cole A should be looking over his shoulder as Van Aanholt will be breathing down his neck soon. Nana looks solid a right back, gets forward well. In general there is a lot to look forward to, unless Kenyon gets his hands on it and sells them all to the mancs.

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I thought the match last night was very entertaining. It was open and fast paced and there was plenty of skill and endeavour on show from both teams.

Our side was a little younger and more inexperienced than the Arsenal side, with 7 members of last year's youth team playing, but in the end they deserved the win.

Arsenal started better and could easily have been a couple of goals to the good but gradually we worked our way in to the match. In the second half we were really on top and it was only when Arsenal got back to 3-2 with the penalty that we looked under pressure for the last 10 minutes or so.

Drogba did OK. He played for 60 mins and it was a good run out for him. He set up our first goal when he out muscled the Arsenal defender and then put in a great cross for Terjera.

Sinclair worked hard but he still looks like a younger version of SWP to me. Bags of pace, lots of tricks, but lacks composure and needs to work on his decision making. A good defence won't be troubled by him too much.

Stoch looks very promising. He also suffers from poor decision making, but he reminds me of Robben a bit. He is stocky (no pun intended) and quite strong on the ball but pacy too.

Paim came on for the last half an hour and made an immediate impact by setting up Woods goal with a nice bit of skill and a pinpoint cross field pass. (Unfortunately, he looks a bit too much like Anderson for my liking!)

Initially the midfield looked a bit weak. Randall for Arsenal was winning everything and also scored a very good goal. but gradually we got back in it and started to give Arsenal a taste of their own medicine.

Mellis made some good runs but is a bit lightweight. Terjera was pretty anonymous but did make a great run to score from Drogba's cross. Bridcutt started slowly but gradually came in to the game and did really well.

Woods came on in the second half and looked very determined. I think he could go on to better things if given the chance but it is hard to see it being with us given the quality and depth of our first team midfield.

Defensively I thought we did really well. Nana at right back made some great runs and was strong in the tackle. Van Arnholt did the same on the left. At centre half I liked Magnay and Brouma who looked a solid pairing.

Overall it was very promising and I think I will try and get down to watch some of the games at Aldershot this year if I can.

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Sinclair's pace at times was frightening. He would definitely run Walcott closee in the 100 metres. Paim setting up the second goal was sheer magic, very promising.

sinclair did look a lot more mature with the ball than last season, as did stoch and both caused all sorts of problems to arsenal. paim did a couple of good things, the goal set up was superb. mellis really impressed me. and Terjera played very much like lamps. van arnholt looks like an excellent prospect, very much like ashley cole was at arsenal and is starting to play for us. my favourite though is magnay. he reminds me so much of a young john terry. bulldog breed defending, but has a lot of composure on the ball and looks to have that something extra to take him forward.

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Cheers for reviews guys, really interesting and useful for those of us who can't watch the game. Please keep them up!

Kakuta not playing? Do you think he could be able to make the step up, along with Scott, to fill the hole left by the non-signing of Robinho, if only for the odd game here and there?

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Ah I see. Do you think he's ready to make the jump this season though?

For all Sinclair's promise, I just don't think he will make it at CFC, so my faith is more in Kakuta, Stoch and the like to make the step up and succeed.

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