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Well Would You Believe It?


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Surprised that Liverpool are going to risk Torres and Gerrard so soon, but maybe Benitez is gambling thinking "now or never" to beat the Mancs.

I wouldnt be surpirsed if this severly curtailed Gerrard's england career as a result. This nonsense with Carragher has, I think, made Capello a little more sensitive to this kind of thing. Hopefully he sees how well an axis of Lampard-Barry does and wants to keep it that way.

Still, Gerrard and Torres will be tender no doubt. Mancs to crush the dippers tomorrow, 0-3. Benitez to have a cry in the press conference that follows about how he cant possibly match the other top 4 for yet another year. Torres to break his leg, and get his ambulance attacked by dipper fans mistaking him for Alan Smith

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