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O, Im Pissed , But....


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Watched MOTD tonight, a few beers and the rest but i usually enjoy MOTD on a sunday night all fired up . Anyway, i only got to see the 2nd half live yesterday in instalments so MOTD tonight was well worth a look while my brain was in overdrive and on full alert with a mountain of drink. Its strange how one can enjoy certain elements of a game while toxicated and without quoting messers Lawero and Hansen , it was a joy to watch,[ even only scraps of the game ] us put in a solid display away from home with great passing, good movement and confidence. Ok , i'll quote MOTD persons saying our attacking full backs got forward and created problems , Lamps goal had quality all over it and was a typical Lampard goal but you have to admire the skill in the finishing.

Im sure the 'anti Frank brigade' will sit up and notice that ?

I'll take my day off tomorrow and watch the entire game on Chelsea tv to morrow, sober but just as excited . Ok, it's only 1 game but its a routine i usually do on Mondays and the build up is normally the same as a Saturday without the trip to the school.

Tomorrow[Monday ] is official Chelsea day in Iano's house so if any of you are planning calling me, i wont answer . Ive tried to cook a pizza an hour ago but forgot to turn on the oven , simple error . Dublin , late at night , drunk Chelsea fan at 2.15am and still a pile of drink in the fridge . Think i'll watch the cupfinal from 97 , its still early boys.

Drunk C.F.C fan , but still a C.F.C Fan.


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