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Spurs 0 A.viilla 2!


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Total disaster, and anyone with any sense couldve seen it coming.

All summer, all the talk was about how they were getting Bentley, Modric, Dos Santos, etc etc. It was all very exciting, but the people who thought it was going to produce anything from the outset were out of their minds. They practically gutted their old midfield which was unspectacular but industrious, and replaced it with a bunch of relative unknowns. And they did the same thing in attack. Take out experience and leadership, replace them with a bunch of questionmarks. Yeah, that will work

Then the Berbatov Keane sagas, while it made them a huge penny, was equally dumb. Sell the captain. Sell the best player, and it will be alright because you pick up a guy who cherry picked really well in the Euros and pair him with Darren Bent, who was deadly in the preseason :lol: I know they wanted out, but in my opinion, they couldve kept Keane if they had tried harder

Spurs and Levy got just what they deserve. They thought they could play politics to humiliate big clubs, while riding roughshod over the likes of Palace for John Bostock. Well how is that signing working out now? Im sure Martin Jol is pissing himself over in Hamburg. Idiotic.

It was alot of sound and fury signifying nothing (of real substance) this summer and Spuddies fans shouldnt be shocked. Im thinking this is going to mirror Newcastle last year: new manager = new team remade inside and out, and when it goes wrong, guess who gets the axe?

It would be great to see Spurs sack Ramos because he is a decent manager but I bet he will be the lamb brought to slaughter.

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the best thing is villa could have score 5 or 6 . they blew at least 3 excellent chances, possibly more. spuds spent all that money and time on the midfield and attack, and they looked like theyd never played football before. plus that defence was shocking. BRILLIANT!!!

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