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Player Ratings V Bordeaux


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Excellent team performance, particluarly in the first half. We kept a really high tempo which is crucial to us. Stood off them a bit in the second half which is understandable with Sunday coming.

Cech 6 - Not much to do for the former best goalkeeper in the world. Distributed the ball quite well but never really looks comfortable with the ball at his feet.

A Cole 6 - Linked well with Malouda in the second half. I'd love to see Bridge in this system though.

Terry 6 - Will he ever score again?

Carvalho 8 - Another master class in playing on your a rse from the world leader in this skill.

Bosingwa 8 - Wow. I didn't realise he was that good.

Mikel 9 - Mikel Of The Match. I knew he must be good, like the rest of you, because Old Red Nose wanted him, but last night I could see why. Looked composed as usual but he imposed himself on the game much more than usual and protected the ball brilliantly. His range of passing was excellent throughout. Since he came to Chelsea I'd only seen 1 top class performance from him but last night was the second.

Lampard 9 - Another masterclass in modern midfield play from the best midfielder in the world. This man has everything. The fact that he didn't get every single Mikel Of The Match vote against City shows how much we take him for granted. Similar to Roy Keane he has absolutely maximised the limited natural talent he posesses and is now the complete player. He also gets on with it on the pitch, is neither flashy nor selfish, and is never nasty.

J Cole 7 - Lively and energetic Joe shows once again why he is the embodiment of a man fulfilling his boyhood dreams. Just loves playing football. Only passes to Deco.

Deco 8 - Deco, Dico, Doco, Duck. Only passes to Joe.

Malouda 8 - Would love to see Duff of 5 years ago playing in this team. Malouda did well for a player with his many limitations.

Anelka 7 - The Frenchest French person in the history of France. He is the footballing equivalent of a pink souffle. Has a silent "s" at the end of his name which is just wrong, obviously.

Ballack 5 - Came on and did his impression of Deco. It didn't work.

Scolari 8 - Never once looked at the camera. Has harvested Jose's Steam in some kind of Brazilian steam harvesting mechanism.

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A Cole 6 - Linked well with Malouda in the second half. I'd love to see Bridge in this system though.

Ballack 5 - Came on and did his impression of Deco. It didn't work.

The Cole v. Bridge debate is well and truly over now. Bridge is a great back up but in footballing terms his role is lacing Cole's boots.

Ballack can never impersonate Deco, he is just too tall. His best contribution was in not giving the ball away to the opposition in dangerous areas.

It is also worth mentioning that Bordeaux were complete pants.

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Bosingwa 8 - Wow. I didn't realise he was that good.

You haven't been watching Chelsea games this season, have you? :redcard: Jose is one of our best this season, so far!

Deco 8 - Deco, Dico, Doco, Duck. Only passes to Joe.

8??? Sorry to say, but this was his worst game for Chelsea so far!

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Cech - 4 because he had nothing to do

Bosingwa - 8 Is there a better attacking full back ?

A Cole - 6 OK

Terry - 7 Super

Carvalho - 8 Class in spades

Mikel - 9 Maka is back, but bigger

Lampard - 9 the man for CL

Deco - 5 Not great

Malouda - 6 Good goal, but not convinced

J Cole -7 great header

Anelka - 6 He does not carry the threat of the Drog

Belletti - 7 what a shot

Ballack - 6 he will replace Deco as season wears on

Kalou - 4 At least the dodgy haircut has gone

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I too thought Bosingwa, Riccy and Frank were superb.

I will also give kudos to Malouda. He worked hard all game and I was glad to see him rewarded with a goal. More importantly, he actually threatened very often.

I think the test of Mikel was that I never heard his name mentioned all game. Effecient, industrious and solid, just like his predecessor.

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Went flat in the middle, but we looked like we could smash them any time we pleased.

Cech - 7 - Controlled his area well.

Bosingwa - 9 - Covered well in defence and his running and crosses were superb.

Terry - 8 - Everything that came into the box hit his head...good work.

Carvalho - 8 - His anticipation is almost psychic.

A Cole - 8 - Largely did what Bosingwa did, and looks light years away from the Ash of his first season.

Mikel - 8- Good work, passed it around and made important challenges without incurring the inevitable red. More of this please Obi-Wun.

Lampard - 9 - Another masterclass. Currently looks as good as ever he did.

J Cole - 7- Got through a lot of energy. He cuts into the box a lot and Deco seems to love to pick out these runs...interesting...

Deco - 7 - Passed it around well but once again put in a few uneccesary fouls. He needs to watch this or we will miss him when suspended.

Malouda - 7 - Possibly his best game in a Chelsea shirt, yet still very wasteful. Took his goal well though.

Anelka - 7 - He is a player who feeds off knock downs and through balls, we seem to be playing more and more to this direction so I think if his confidence remains good he will score a hatful this season.

Ballack - 6 - Finding his way back from injury. Looked tidy enough. Mrs Jimboola still wants to see him without a top however... :redcard:

Belletti - 7- Another great long ranger from ballyboy. Our 30+ rightback now looks better in midfield than defence. How odd.

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