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Dodgy Email


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I've just had an email, title: 2 minutes away from winning £500 worth of Megastore vouchers

From Chelsea Football Club, apparently. However, check the header and you'll see it's actually from ChelseaFC@c-f-1.com.

Go to www.c-f-1.com and you're taken to http://app.communicator.com which displays a pdf file entitled:

Permission Email Communication Policy - Anti Spam.

What's even stranger is that another pdf file opened in another window - a setup guide for my new ISP.

Point of all this of course, is if you get one of these emails, delete the f**king thing.

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No problem. The thing with that particular email was it looked genuine at a first and even second casual glance - I doubt very much whether it was targeted at members of this forum though, more likely Chelsea supporters. The one I received arrived at an ancient Tiscali address, one I only keep because it's got Chelsea in the name, but haven't used for years because it's such a spam-magnet.

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I've got it plus another one from a few days back from the same address flogging the Portsmouth match only on Chelsea TV. Could they be genuine?

Well put it this way. If you follow the HTML Link in the second email, you'll see what looks like a half-finished page that includes this Enter Now link. And if you follow that, you're asked to download a file called askiaext.dll

Oh and from the email:

For your chance to win £500 worth of Megastore vouchers simply fill in the below online questionnaire.

Does that sound like an official Chelsea FC communication to you?

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I think you're right. I've done a little research and found the same company has a bit of a name for crap marketing. So for dodgy read: "if the club want a competition or a survey, surely they could afford to pay someone to do it properly". Because this lot sure as hell ain't.

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