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Motm: Stoke Away


Pick em  

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  1. 1. Who was the man of the match today?

    • Cech
    • Cashley
    • JT
    • Alex
    • Bossie
    • Mikelele
    • Ballack
    • Lampard
    • Malouda
    • Drogba
    • Kalou
    • Belletti
    • Anelka

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I agree, I think he was excellent today.

For me, Malouda, Ashley, and potentially Alex are all good shouts. Also, Mikel had another strong game.

I think we're seeing the impact of LFS with Malouda. Not only has the boo boys off his back, but is making strong team plays, even without the ball, and is taking opportunities well, rather than carelessly. I feel like he is far more efficient with the ball in general. Part of that might be having a dedicated partner in an attacking fullback like Ashley

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Cheers for posting this Westway - I ended up popping out to an ale festival with the kids just after midday and never made it back - some fine ales on offer!!

No worries Loz. I can sympathize as the missus had me pick her up at kickoff, and then (15 minutes later) drop her back off at her house, making me miss the whole first half.....I couldve used some ale after that :(

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Bosingwa for me. Drilled up and down the field as Cafu at his best and got his goal. Fantastic player and im sure we have to best full-back-pair in the world.

Mikel, Alex and Malouda also deserve a mention. Mikel is in fact growing to be one of our most important players. He has been absolutely immense this season and in fact i don`t miss good old Maka at all with Mikel in the squad.

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Boswinga for me...the comentator on the stream I was watching said he meant it as a cross but he hit it across goal hard that to me says hope it go's in or someone gets on it.

Malouda had a much better game and Ash was good again as was Mikel and Alex and JT.

Might see more on MOTD but thats how I saw it through the fishtank.

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Bosingwa for me.

Scored one and set one up, more than made up for Joe Cole's absence on the right flank.

His performance was so good that you dont even want to see Joey there. Bosingwa should play the wing with Belletti as fullback, I mean we could try it. Think about how many chances we get when Jose puts the crosses in and not Joey. Joey could try the Deco role now that Deco is injured.

At the moment Bosingwa is the best player in the Prem, I have no doubt about it!

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i've voted lampard in all honesty i dont really know why, i thought he did well, maybe i thought he was a lot better than ballack who was poor and sub consiously clicked for lamps

malouda probably had his best game in a chelsea shirt since arriving so maybe i should have voted for him

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Yeah heard what Hansen said on MOTD. Don't know what he saw that was so special. Frank had an alright game. Solid but nothing fantastic.

Observer gave him MoM too. I have watched the game now but I was half asleep at the time and can't say that anyone really caught me eye. Seemed more like a solid all round performance from the team as a whole.

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Bosingwa Responsible For Chelsea Dynamism, Says Wilkins

New Chelsea assistant head coach Ray Wilkins believes that the arrival of Portuguese right back Jose Bosingwa has given the Blues an extra edge this season.

Jose Bosingwa is in imperious form this season and has provided Chelsea with an extra attacking option due to his pace, width, and pass and movement from the full back berth.

These attributes are even seen as responsible for the Blues' win over Stoke, as it was Bosingwa who scored one and created the other.

New Chelsea assistant Ray Wilkins has hailed the impressive right-back's contribution, and is quoted by the Sun as saying: "Jose’s work ethic is superb — the way he’s prepared to get forward and get himself back. He’s settled in remarkably."

Citing the former mainstays of the Brazilian defence: Roberto Carlos and Cafu, Wilkins says Portugual are developing their own legendary defenders that could challenge the Brazilian pair's status as the text-book modern full-backs.

"Look at Brazilian football over the years and the great full-backs they’ve had. It’s the same with Portugal to some extent as well... The two full-backs are paramount to the way they play."

"And that’s the way Phil wants his full-backs to play. They get themselves into very advanced areas and can also defend. So from that aspect I’ve not been surprised by him. But he’s come into a different kind of football from what he’s used to."

"Modern-day full-backs get a lot of time on the ball so they’re vitally important to the way any team plays," he added.

"If you’ve got people who can work and can also play football — as ours can — then you’ve got far more chance of creating more goalscoring opportunities. But it’s not just Jose. We have three or four full-backs who are prepared to do that all day long."


I so totally agree.

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I think that Lamps was exceptional ........ He has a new lease of life this season, there was a reason Jose wanted him so badly.

Bosingwa has been really good. Great that we have two excellent wing backs with extremely good back up.

I went with Lamps though.

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