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'hil 'ucking Tompson


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Anyone see sky the weekend, 'ld big nose was giving us some sh*te. He cant stand every season apparently how we say we are going to win all 4 trophies. He hates it that we are the only club to announce this and thinks we should shut up. Later on he announced through gritted teeth that he was doing our game and, tongue in cheek how much he loves us.

The fact that we were supurb was of course over looked and every report from the Brittania 'alla phil' was started with how Stoke were 'giving it a go'. The mans a joke.

We have never said we are going to win all 4 trophies, only that we are in 4 competitions and that we'd like to win them all. Wants wrong with that. The fact that we dont prioritise trophies or belittle competitions i would have thought was something to be applauded.

Liverpool on the over hand are normally out of most competitions come March, except for waiting for the CL to restart and the fight for 4th place so they normally have no option but to put all their eggs into 1 basket .

We dont say we are going to win anything, just that we are going to try. This is not arrogance, i'd call it more proffesionalism. Who enters a competition they dont want to win, fans turn up and pay good money to watch these matches so is Thommo saying Liverpool dont care or are'nt trying?

I think whats more the case is he realises that times have changed, Liverfool might win something but then again they might not. Rafa wont commit on anything, he's banned talk of winning the league at Anfield. I would have thought that that was exactly what they should be talking about.(after all these years)

Just because Phill, you have no confidence in your own team and what they can achieve dont try and tell us what we should think of our team or what their goals should be.

You are a sad little man.

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I didnt hear what he said at first but i noticed the panel kept on joking about it throughout the day, then later there were e-mails that were sent in brown noseing Thompson and saying how much class etc liverpool have and how they dont boast about theyre achievments - couldnt stop laughing at that point, the guy is just as bitter towards us as every other liverpool fan.

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