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Roman Building A Bigger Boat


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Roman building a bigger boat!


"And on that note: mission accomplished, tovarech. Worth $23 billion thanks to crafty post-Soviet downfall oil trading and a slew of other business interests, the soccer-mad tycoon has just ascended to Bond-Villain status by building a boat that will, among other things, run its own attached submarine, have its own hospital, disco, movie theater, and aquarium, and will possess enough bulletproof glass and early warning devices to make any attempt at piracy a daunting one at best. From the Daily Mail:

The yacht will include radar equipment designed to warn the crew of incoming rockets, together with bullet-proof windows and armour plating on the bridge and around the 41-year-old Russian tycoon's cabin.

There will be twin helicopter pads and anti-bugging equipment, while the crew of 70 will include former SAS and Special Boat Service personnel.

Private army ... check. Submarine ... check. All Roman Abramovich needs now is an eyepatch, physical deformity, goatee, or obsession with gold, and he'll be set for the next 007 movie."


What the hell does Roman need this for? Wasn't his other boat the worlds biggest? Why do you need a team of 70 and more a stronger defense than most countries?

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More to the point what does the man do with all his old cast off's, anything going spare Mr Abramovich?

i wonder if hes got a huge shed somewhere, just stuffed with his old boats. the same as i have one full of old deckchairs and knackered barbecues....

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Bloody hell, theres gonna be another Dreadnought situation if we're not careful. Okay, so its a luxury boat and not a battle ship, but if the Yanks catch wind that a Russian is building a bigger boat - they'll be 2 and 2 together and make 5..! (damn Yankies!)

I love the comparison to the Bismark.

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