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Chelsea 1969-70


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Watched most of it. Great to see the likes of Ossie, Hutch & Chopper playing in front of packed & noisy crowds.

Love watching old footage like that and reminding myself what crap, muddy pitches players had to perform on back then - "if you're good you can play on anything..........."

The one drawback was the fact that John Hollins was the studio guest doing all the talking. Just can't stand the bloke after he f**ked things up for us back in the '80's.

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John Hollins as our manager was not a good spell for the Club but memories of him as a player are still very fond ones...he even had a shot on him in those days that almost rivalled the power of Dirty Leeds Peter Lorimer, loved the bloke back then :D

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its a shame they didnt have chopper in, would love to hear him talk about the cup final and replay. hollins didnt really want to talk about the battle, i bet chopper would have, and with a great big grin on his face....

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