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My mate just come up with this at work (Spurs fan, euch!) but it's a fairly interesting idea...

I've had an idea whereby you could incorporate the Community/Charity Shield into the Premier League's idea of having a 39th game abroad. Taking the winners of the Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup and Johnson's Paint Trophy, and holding a simple 3/4 game official FA sanctioned tournament, where the winners receive the FA Super Cup (or some such title).

On the basis of last year's winners Manchester United, Portsmouth, Tottenham and MK Dons would all compete.

There would obviously be accusations that the MK Dons (in this example) would be the whipping boys, but given that they would receive a quarter of all sponsorship money on offer and exposure to new markets abroad, one would hope they could certainly see the benefits of the move.

In terms of complaints about an extra game from the Premier League sides, this would be no real different to competing a 39th AND also being involved in Community Shield.

Obviously where certain clubs lift more than one piece of silverware in a season, the second placed team takes the place. IF then there is a duplicate, it goes to the next unique team in the league.

As an example should Man Utd win the double, or treble, they need not enter 3 teams against say, Peterborough Utd, but instead, the runners up in the other cups are nominated.

Prem League		FA Cup			Carling Cup		Johnson's Paint Trophy 
Man Utd			Man Utd			Man Utd			Peterborough	 
Chelsea			Chelsea			Chelsea

In that case the 4 teams participating would be,

Man Utd (Prem)

Chelsea (FA Cup)

Liverpool (Prem)

Peterborough (Johnson's)

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