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I know I should not be doing this but here goes I cannot see Chelsea losing this season we look like a team going somewhere.I Know theres a long way to go,but you must admit its looking good so far can we do it or have I just jinx my team I think not. ;) :lol:

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Ok but .. dominant as we were, it was not beyond the realms of possibility for us to have lost against Villa. You think I'm joking? Oh no I'm not. IF they'd had say a dodgy free kick on the edge of the box, a dodgy penalty or even two, and one of those wonder 40 yard strikes that no amount of forward planning/tactical genius can do anything about, that could have been our unbeaten home record down the Swannee. Stranger things have happened and will happen again.

That's football.

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Is it possible ? Yes.

Am I going to bet my house on it ? No.

Am I going to put a score on it ? Yes :fighting0019:

I feel good about this season, I feel even though Liverfool are in 2nd we are in command of the EPL. It is bascially down to us whether we win this year.

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I somehow feel that starting a thread like this ought to be punishable with an instant ban. As it is, I'll just leave it to Gem to sort you out when the fateful day arrives!!

Look it all depends how you see the glass half empty or half full,we look good going forward midfield good defense goalkeeper good so why shouldn't I think we can go undefeated,best start we had for a while,we look better than last year already not lost yet I know its long way yet but sometimes you have to believe and I believe only time will tell.

:D :o :D

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when the gooners went undefeated they came within a midge's ball hair of losing a few games. Some luck went their way, and some last minute goals got them undeserved draws. I very much doubt, after a few games, and before we have progressed in any cups, and with all the injuries we seem to be amassing, that we wil go undefeated.

It would be great if we were to go undefeated, but in no way will i be getting behind this idea right now!

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I'm with ethical, it doesn't matter how you see the glass!! you don't say things like that out loud!! you keep them in your head!!

Now the first game we loose is squarely on your shoulders..

I'm more concerned about who we eventually lose our glorious home record to.

Those I simply couldn't bear to lose it to are (in order): Liverpool, Spurs, West Ham, Arsenal, Man Utd. I'd add Leeds to the list but think that's highly unlikely!

Oh god...I don't even want to think about it.

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I also care more about winning the premiership and the chamipions league than going through the season undefeated.

Its victories that win comps not undefeated rectords.

Plus it obviously jinxes any record to speak about it before its achieved, that is the oldest rule of comentating, forecasting and spectating.

So I don't agree with your post on any grounds. Furthermore we are less than a 1/3 of the way into the season and half the team is already injured, so we have little or no chance of achieving anything this season as anyone can see from a glance at the tables.

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I think there is a huge danger in worrying too much about things like (1) going all season undefeated or (2) keeping up our undefeated home record.

I think that sometimes milestones like these get in the way of winning matches, which is a lot more important than staying unbeaten.

Take the recent match against Manure at the bridge. For a big part of the match, it looked like our unbeaten record at home was going to end. Then when we got the equaliser, I got the impression that we took our foot off the gas a bit, and played a bit safer rather than really pushing for the win, even though all the momentum was with us.

Milestones are nice, but they are nothing compared to trophies.

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Thats a very bold statement, we will as has been said need a lot of luck. I have seen us play average this season in games so am trying not to get carried away. Although i do feel the team has potential to get better and better the longer they play and work under Scolari so i would'nt count it out.

I just want the league title and dont care if we lose along the way.

Look at the point TomP just made about our home record(which we all love and want to never end) but the fact of the matter is, if we'd lost to Spurs or Man U and won the other game we'd be 1 point better off. Records are great if they can be achieved while reaching your goals, but if they get in the way they become a problem and we must'nt let that happen.

Nobody is really going to care if you go undefeated and finish 3rd. It is of course possible to go undefeated and get relegated (highly unlikely).

Win the league first and worry about records after.

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