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70s Nostalgia Quiz


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Hmm, not as easy as it looks.

Got a feeling the goal was by Ray Wilkins against Manure the previous season?

I honestly don't know - that's why I asked. I thought you'd get it.

Pretty sure the shot at WHL was by Gary Stanley, only he had hair like that!

Definitely correct. In our Norwich away kit.


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It was the 76 League Cup game backbiter. I remember they did a feature on it in the build up the the League Cup final between us and Arsenal in 2007. If I recall he ended up in Cornwall running a hotel or a pub or something like that.

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I think you'll find that the ref in that clip running with his little legs going like pistons was one Roger Kirkpatrick. He was a very popular ref, was good at his job and had a great sense of humour, always had a laugh and a joke with the crowd. I remember someone threw an apple at him once (or threw it to him), he bent down and picked it up, took a bite and stuck it in his pocket - a real character.

I was at the League Cup game at Highbury where Bason broke his leg (a double fracture of the shin), but I don't remember a thing about the game. I was amongst a rather large mob of Chelsea fans encamped in the Arsenal North Bank and had other things on my mind :P

Although this injury finished his career with Chelsea, happily he went on to make 129 appearances for Plymouth, before going on to play for Palarse, Pompey & Reading. When he retired he apparently ran a hotel in Truro - wish I'd known that, I'd have popped in to say hello!

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Did Graham Wilkins's career also end with a broken leg? Or was that just wishful thinking? 5 minutes before his own goal at home to West Ham would have been good. Bad, bad memories of Graham Wilkins come flooding back....

Had the pleasure of meeting Graham, along with John Dempsey and Micky Droy at Wembley before the ill-fated game with Spurs this year. I remember Graham from his playing days as having a wild mass of hair, unlike his brother Butch. I must admit I didn't recognise him at first as he had his back to me but then John Dempsey introduced him to me and this bald headed man turned round to greet me.

"Graham" said I, "the hair - what happened?" cue manic laughter from John and Micky as I bade my farewell.

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