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Another Reason I Like Charlie Cooke


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Whilst on hols I had the pleasure of reading Charlie Cooke's autobiography (yet again). He has always been my ultimate Chelsea hero because of the way he played but his book outlines a couple of other reasons why I like him and many of the longer term fans will know exactly what he is getting at about Leeds United in the build up to the 1970 cup final.

"We seethed at Leeds's referee intimidation, endless whining and gamesmanship, which they had raised to an art form in the last few years under Don Revie. It would be an exaggeration, but not a big one to say we felt we definitely had right on our side. Bremner and Giles, both small guys, and Hunter in the middle of the filed were involved in just about every stoppage and argument and hissy fit there was. The ref would make a decision, it would be disputed and he would suddenly be surrounded by a bunch of white shirts, almost always including a bleating Bremner, Giles and Hunter, and sometimes, when he thought they needed some assistance. Big Jack Charlton, with his pointy elbows and towering presence, the veins bulging in his long neck. It was understandable that referees got worn down by it. They all did, eventually. It's only human. It would be wrong to say that Leeds were the only culprits. Every team was up to the same tricks maybe not as vehemently as leeds but we were all at it in some shape or form.

Call it envy, but Leeds' extra intensity and the success they had at it incensed us and everyone else in the league no end for years"

Goes a long way to explaining why Leeds were so hated back then but doesn't it ring bells with the way we were hounding refs up until the start of this season? Probably goes to explain a bit further why so many others hated us as much as they did.

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